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Key Topics

Universal Precautions and Regulations Preventing Needlestick Injuries Sharps Disposal Containers Expocertain Control Plan Risks Associated via Tattooing Reducing Cross-Contamination Personal Protective Equipment Disinfecting Surdeals with Cleaning Tools and also Equipment Sterilization Machines


Creating living art is a distinct talent, but it puts tattooists and also piercers at risk of coming in contact through their client"s blood. This means artists may additionally be exposed to bloodborne pathogens, such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, or huguy immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


From wearing gloves to sanitizing devices and also devices, tright here are ways to proccasion these serious and frequently deadly diseases.

This course will certainly talk about the things you, as an employee, have the right to do to lessen the risks connected through tattooing and also body piercing. It will certainly additionally discuss methods to prevent cross-contamicountry and also exactly how to effectively clean and sanitize devices and machines.

Course Objectives

This course will emphasis on each of these topics from the employee"s perspective. The course will additionally define the employer"s duties. By the end of this course you have to be able to:

Exordinary the risks of tattooing Explain your legal rights as an employee under the global prewarns Describe what a sharps disposal container is offered for Ways to prevent needlestick injuries Ways to proccasion cross-contamination Exordinary the usage of gloves and also various other protective tools Describe skin infections among tattoo recipients Describe how to disinfect surfaces Describe exactly how to clean tools and also devices

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