Welconcerned our complimentary digital programming courses. We’ve produced these courses to facilitate the training we offer in the Automation in Testing nameroom, but also to administer totally free high high quality resources to the testing and software application development area. Our current courses can be damaged down into three categories, Programming Basics, Language Basics and also Selenium WebDriver. We hope to get some video versions of these courses made this year and also those will be easily accessible on the Minisattempt of Testing Dojo.

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We hope you discover these courses valuable, they are by no suggests exhaustive, yet we hope handy. We’d love to hear from you if this product helps you through your trial and error journey.

Programming Basics

This course will certainly present you to the basic ideas and terminology linked through programming.


Programming Language Basics

These courses follow on from the Programming Basics courses, so if you haven’t review over that, we strongly encourage you to do so prior to beginning one of the language courses.





Tbelow are many tools that you have the right to usage as soon as building automated checks. We’ve produced introductory courses via the more well-known devices to aid get you started with.

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This course is designed to teach you all the basics you must gain started through Selenium WebDriver as well as snippets of Richard"s wisdom from utilizing Selenium for 10 years.



This course is designed to teach you the basics of Rest-Assured to aid you acquire started in creating API requests. The course introduces all the functions you must review data and develop data.


We hope to include even more courses later, both totally free and on the Minisattempt of Testing Dojo, so if you don’t currently, follow Mark and Rictough on social media or connect on LinkedIn to hear about them first, links in the footer.

Also if any of these courses or pages confirmed practical to you, please take into consideration sharing them with friends and also colleagues.

Thanks Ricdifficult and also Mark.


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