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Course Reference No: TGS-2020513891(Classroom Learning)TGS-2020503100(Synchronous e-Learning)In cooperation with: Theanthropy Pte. Ltd.

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Course Objectives

This ICAgile accredited course examines the duties and also obligations of team members working on agile jobs, delves right into the certain methods which are offered on agile tasks, defines the concept and ideas behind the agile strategy and prepares team members to be automatically productive working in an agile atmosphere.Participants will gain a substantial knowledge of what to expect on an agile project and the skills to be reliable in one. The course, designed and also constructed locally, covers the viewpoint, worths, values and also background of the agile methodology. It describes the flow, the procedures and the setting of an agile task, giving participants an all at once expertise of the agile people and also the tools and also techniques used in transferring value. It presents a structure for defining worth and also ensuring the task delivers the best product at the best time for the best customer.At the finish of this course, participants will certainly learn:

The background to agile advance The duties and obligations of an agile task team The assorted devices obtainable to agile teams The cooperation forced in agile teams The culture and communication compelled for agile atmospheres How technique and standards add to agility

Upon effective completion of this course, participants will obtain anAgile Certified Professional certification from ICAgile andCertificate of Completion from

OutlineDay 1 Agile manifesto What is agile The agile team Communication The agile techniques Key practices Project initiationDay 2 Project planning Release planning Build From Here To - Adapt & LearnPre-Requisites


Who Should Attend

Project Managers, Product Owners, Software Developers, Coders, and also Testers, Software Advancement - Managers & Architects, Business Stakeholders, Team Leads, Anyone who is curious about Agile and how the Agile mindset can improve their method of functioning and also their business

Mode of Training

On-campus or Online (Live)


Mr. Ritesh Mehrotra

Ritesh Mehrotra is an enterpincrease agile coach and also software consultant through over 16 years of suffer across multiple service domains consisting of Banking, Finance, Insurance and also aviation. Thturbulent his job-related over the years he has collected wealthy manual knowledge on facility product architecture, breakthrough and administration acomponent from coaching and also training teams across institutions on agile means of working.

With a background in software program breakthrough, he functions frequently with advance teams on enhancing engineering methods, business teamwork and customer suffer via focused product development and delivery. His coaching engagements are focused on permitting leadership, product monitoring and stakeholders to recognize, manipulate and elevate constraints that restrain organizational capcapability to maximize benefits.

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Acomponent from being an ICAgile authorized instructor for agile foundations (ICP), coaching (ATF) and product management (APM) streams, he is likewise a fairtradeexpo.orgd Agile Program Consultant (SPC), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Developer (CSD).


Mr. Steve Peacocke

Steve Peacocke has actually a background that spans 30+ years successfully consulting to organisations on corporate adjust and also has considerable experience leading teams from Senior Developer via Advancement Manager, Program Manager, then as on to CIO and COO for 300+ reports and also now as CEO and also lead trainer for DragonsArm.A Certified ScrumMaster, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, and also certified ICAgile trainer and also member organisation, Steve brings significant real-life experience to his training.From lecturing in first-year university topics in the "90s and also beforehand 2000s on technological and also company, via to full time training in Company Solution Analysis and also as an ICAgile certified trainer.

Steve is a very knowledgeable trainer working via teams in New Zealand also, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and also the USA. From a multi-cultural family that consists of English/Irish, Chinese, and also Indian family members, Steve has actually always worked through cross-cultural and also spread groups.