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Students that took the EMT prior to the new Education criteria have the right to use this course to bridge their knowledge in between what was taught in their course and also the new standards.

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In enhancement to some developments, the significant readjust is the addition to many medical emergencies consisting of pathophysiology, patient assessment and emergency treatment.

This course have the right to also be provided to fulfil recertification demands via continuing education.


Course Description: This course was initially designed to transition present EMT-Basics right into the recently adopted Education Standards for an Emergency Medical Technician by bridging the gap between the present EMT-Basic and the newly embraced EMS Educational Standards level provider of EMT. This course was developed and is being taught by the President of ETA and writer of the EMT Transition Manual. In enhancement to being an author, Ms. Barwell is a prehospital RN and also an EMT-Instructor Trainer for the PA Department of Health, Bureau of EMS. She is likewise an instructional designer specializing in digital and distance finding out. The course have the right to additionally be offered as a 24-hour refresher course or 24 hours of proceeding education and learning.

Course Format: This course is an digital course. Once you enroll in the course, you will certainly be gave an accessibility code to the course. Students are responsible for purchasing their very own textbook independently (a link will certainly be provided). Students are required to complete a quiz for each section and also a 50 question multiple option last exam.

Course Options: A minimum of 16 hours of change proceeding education is essential to accomplish the minimum state transition demands. If you require 24 hrs of continuing education and learning for either NREMT EMT-Refresher training or to meet the mimumum 24 hour state con-ed requirement, you can enroll in the 24 hour change course. The 24 hour course has additional content in patient assessment, airmethod management, trauma, and infants/pediatrics to accomplish the NREMT content needs. We additionally offer a 36 hour course for those individuals in require of additional continuing education and learning credits.

In enhancement to the change course, students are compelled to attain HAZWOPER Awareness level training and also ICS100 and also ICS700 level training.

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If you have taken any of these courses in the previous, you have actually the requiwebsite understanding. If you have not, you will be forced to take this training in addition to the Transition Course. We provide you web links to this training via our digital Transition Course.

Course Cost:16-hour course = $225 OR 24-hour course = $300 (both courses incorporate digital access/materials only. You are responsible to purchase your very own textbook. )

Certification: Upon successful completion of this course, you will obtain a certificate of completion from Emergency Training Associates stating successful completion of a 16 or 24 hour EMT Transition Course. This certificate is embraced by both the PA Bureau of EMS and NREMT. PA BEMS has awarded con-ed credits equal to the enrolled hours (16 or 24) which have the right to be offered for recertification.

Course Content: This course will certainly administer a straightforward overwatch of the background of the EMS Agenda for the future and EMS Education Standards and the new levels of EMS suppliers. The emphasis of the course is on the brand-new patient assessment procedure, more thorough anatomy and also physiology, and pathophysiology of miscellaneous medical problems of disease for all body devices. Specifically, the EMT Transition Course will cover the following:

New information relative to Well-Being of the EMT, Medical/Legal and Ethical considerations Life-Span Advancement Therapeutic Communication New information loved one to Patient Assessment More in-depth information on Airway Management, Ventilation and also Oxygecountry Assessment and also emergency treatment for particular Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neurologic, Emergencies, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Diabetic, Hematologic, Psychiatric, and also Gynecologic Emergencies Special populations consisting of geriatrics, neonates, pregnant womales, and patients with special needs Information is likewise offered on toxicology, infectious illness, multi-system trauma, medical terminology, weapons of mass devastation, and also the various types and also causes of shock

This is an open up enrollment course. Enroll any type of time by clicking the connect listed below. You will be contacted through course accessibility indevelopment within 24 hours of receiving your registration and payment.

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