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I'm curious regarding exactly how relevant some of these last sections are for the aptitude test. I'm 30 so it's been almost 14-13 years since I've taken a math course however I'm curious as to how a lot attention I must be paying to these few sections exterior of just making sure I pass the online course so I have the minimum demands. Has anyone else taken this virtual course and also likewise done the aptitude test?

Lesson 18 -- Vectors

Lesboy 19 -- Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Numbers

Lesson 20 -- Boolean Algebra Fundamentals

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The aptitude test is nowright here close to as complicated as the vectors, binary numbers, and also Boolean algebra chapters. The NJATC digital tech math course is extremely broad on the math is covers compared to the actual aptitude test. The test product varies from regional to regional yet I would certainly certainly recommfinish totally expertise the correct order of operations. All in all the test isn’t as well complex as long as you have actually good comprehension and remain calm and also focused. Good luck man