Night in the woods dream

After waking up, examine Mae’s computer system for messages from both Gregg and Bea informing you their areas for the day. As per usual, make your means downstairs and also chat to your Mom aobtain before leaving.

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Head right into the right-hand also side of tvery own and soptimal to Selma again and also select to listen to her poem once she supplies it.

When you reach the tvery own centre, repeat the things that you did yesterday to work on Achievements/Trophies:

Go to the submethod and also steal a Pretzel from the Pretzel keep, prior to taking it up the stairs/power lines to offer to the rats inside the opallow window.Chat via Lori M. on the roofpeak to the best of the soldier statue.Head for the church at the height of the stairs on the appropriate side of the area where you have the right to talk to Mae’s Mom as soon as again. Inside the church, the door just to the left of Mae’s Mom’s desk is now unlocked. Sheight to the lady inside for the Diary Keep in mind .


After the repair is done, Bea will certainly uncover out that the old lady has locked us in the basement. Inspect the heater one more time. Later on, head beneath the stairs and grab the Basesphere Bat. Return to the heater and also hit it a couple of times using the bat. This will certainly summon the old lady to open the door for us.

When we are backin regulate, we’ll be external. Bea will take a seat. Run to the left, jumping with the teams of fireflies you encounter so that they begin to follow Mae roughly. Use the blades of the windmill at the far left to climb up and also grab the staying groups of fireflies. With every one of them bordering Mae, go back to Bea for a scene.


Next, we’ll be ago home and have a brand-new Diary Keep in mind or two - and .

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Option 2: Gregg - Mechanics

If you select to hang out via Gregg on Day 5, after a brief chat via him in the lobby of his apartment structure, he’ll lead you to a vehicle. At this suggest, we’ll be equipped via a baseround bat, so when the chatting ends method the car and smack it approximately – damage the hood, windows and also bang up the earlier too till Gregg tells you to sheight.

Next, we’ll be compelled to take the battery out of the automobile. Use Mae’s hands to rerelocate the leaves. Grab one of the wires listed below the leaves and also Mae will be shocked and pass out – a short dream sequence will play.


After some even more talking close to the vehicle, we’ll end up ago at Gregg’s apartment wright here he wants help building a robot. The display screen will shift to short the battery aobtain and you’ll have to relocate the clamp in Mae’s hand also dvery own to the red circle below. We’ll currently need to assemble the robot… Just pick whatever before combicountry you favor and also as soon as you are happy via the architecture, click the button in the peak, best of the display to show to Gregg that you are finished.


Following one more brief scene, usage Mae’s hand also to move some even more leaves before pushing a switch below numerous times until a scene plays.

Next, we’ll be ago home and also have actually a new Diary Note - .

Now that we are residence, stop to Mae’s Dad three times and also agree to watch TV with him (you’ll need to execute this if you want him to relocate the boxes in the crawlspace for an Achievement/Trophy later on). Later on, head up the stairs and also go to bed.

Once we are asleep, a dream will certainly begin.

Dream Sequence

Whilst in the Dream Sequence, we must find and also interact with four musicians located around the area.

The musicians deserve to be uncovered in the adhering to areas:

The initially can be found to the left of the begin place. Just run left till you uncover a cliff. Drop down to reach the first musician below.From the first, follow the ramps downwards till you reach a powerline leading left. Jump on this and as soon as you reach the much finish of the powerline, jump over and also continue left till you discover the musician.From the second musician, run to the appropriate, disregard the powerline and also proceed dvery own the hill. When you have the right to go either up or down, head downwards initially to reach a dock. Run throughout the water listed below to the appropriate to reach the 3rd.Rerevolve to where the paths break-up to up or dvery own earlier (we previously went down). This time, take the slope leading back upwards to the right and also proceed to follow this till you reach the final musician.

After finding all four musicians, return to wbelow we initially gotten in the dream for a scene to finish it. When we reget manage, it’ll be the next morning - Part 2: Weird Autumn, Day 6.