The FireWise Certified Fire Inspector regimen meets or exceeds the task performance requirements (JPR) of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1031 (NFPA 1031 training) “Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plans Examiner” Levels l and ll. It has actually been produced in response to requests for certified Fire Inspector Level l and ll digital training programs based upon Canadian Codes and also Standards.

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​Who must take the Fire Inspector courses?

Those wishing:

to meet the JPRs of NFPA 1031 Level I, II, or both at the same time.increase their skills in using the Canadian Fire & Building Codes and also referenced seek employment or advancement in fire prevention and also structure fire safety administration.


Fire Inspector Level I

At the conclusion of Level, I participants will have the expertise and skills to conduct basic fire inspections and evaluate the fire safety of buildings. They will understand also the fire inspection process, fire protection devices both passive and active, and be familiar with codes and also standards that apply in Canada.

Fire Inspector Level II

Participants will certainly additionally construct their expertise and also skills to testimonial and also process plans, conduct complex inspections, respond to complaints, and make increated references based on the codes they enforce.

Fire Inspector Training Level I & II Combined

This thorough regimen combines the JPR of both Level l and also Level II. Participants attain both Levels in one course saving time and money.

Course benefits:

Prepares students to accomplish the NFPA task performance demands for the Fire Inspector level they wish to obtain.Provides a foundation for knowledgeable use of applicable Canadian Codes and also Standards.Provides knowledge and skills to conduct fire inspections and evaluate the fire security of structures, fire protection systems, and also conformity with codes and also requirements.Easy to navigate university adult discovering quality platform.

Course Fee Detail

The course tuition fees are for the Knowledge-Based curriculum. A SEPARATE tuition fee is gathered and phelp to the College of the Rockies for the Pro Board certification. The 2 fees will be added in the time of the checkout process if Pro Board certification is requested.

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Course Delivery:

Online. Self-paced.


35+/- hours over15 modules concluding via an digital last exam.


To contact the course instructor please email training


Pro Board certification is accessible to students with the College of the Rockies for those that properly complete this virtual program. The knowledge forced to accomplish the traditional is tested through an virtual examination process. Evaluation of the compelled abilities is completed digital making use of 360-degree video innovation which enables the student to perdevelop a digital inspection of a building.

The College of the Rockies application for 1031 ProBoard accreditation is pending and certification dates will certainly be changed based upon the approval day.

Technical requirements:

High-rate internet link and existing internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Course materials:

All product necessary will certainly be easily accessible through our virtual finding out platdevelop. Access to the National Building Code and also National Fires Code is compelled and available complimentary of charge digital.

Training support:

The in-house course instructor is available by email or phone for questions and also assistance.Technical assistance easily accessible throughout continuous business hrs.