The boardwalk of beautiful Ocean City, NJ is household friendly retype that you might think would certainly be the last place you’d uncover a haunting. But think aacquire. The landnote Flanders Hotel, built on the boardwalk in 1923, has actually its own resident ghost. She’s known as the Lady in White, but her name in life is shelp to have been Emily. Emily’s thshould be the spirit of Continue reading →

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The Atco Ghost

There’s a ghost story in the southerly New Jersey tvery own of Atco that tells of a young boy that was run down on a lonely stretch of road after chasing his basketsphere right into the middle of the street. The tale … Continue analysis →


The Ghost of Annie’s Road

Perhaps it’s apropos that in our quick moving, extremely mobile state, many kind of of our a lot of noteworthy ghold are checked out hanging out at the side of the road, wright here it is sassist that they met their untimely finish. These roadside apparitions … Continue analysis →

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The Hookerman Spook Lights of the Flanders Tracks

The scene is set: A moonless night, leafless branches swaying in the chilly November breeze. Thstormy the mist ahead you watch something: a dim white ball of light. It appears for a 2nd, then dissipates right into the dark. Suddenly, it … Continue reading →


Shades of Death Road

Out of all the grim monikers encountered out on the roads much less traveled throughout New Jersey, possibly none is even more foreboding than the inrenowned Shades of Death Road. Like many places steeped in local lore, truth and also legend have become intertwined over the years, obscuring exactly what can be thought about fact concerning this bymethod. Continue reading →

On a current visit to the bridge at Dead Man’s Curve we were surprised and also delighted to see just how many type of world had recently quit by to test the validity of the legend of the Ghold Boy of Clinton Road. Continue reading →

Centenary College was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1867 as a preparatory school and women’s college. It underwent numerous incarcountries prior to becoming a four-year, co-educational college in 1988. In 1886, once the institution was still known as Centenary … Continue reading →

Though the grand also old hotel no much longer accepts travellers this particular day, there are sassist to be some guests that have actually never before viewed. Recently Weird NJ was invited to tour the vacant rooms and also empty corridors of the Union Hotel, which have actually been sealed off from the eyes of the public for three years currently. Continue analysis →

Home State Hauntings is a 106 pages, totally illustrated, soft bound one-of-a-kind issue of Weird NJ, beautifully photographed and designed by Paul Michael Kane with spine-tingling illustrations by Ryan Doan. Here, for the initially time, we have compiled the most chilling tales ever told of superorganic encounters in New Jersey in this special concern of Weird NJ. Continue analysis →