Nam myoho renge kyo success stories


Telling a New Story

How James Lecesne awakened to his greater self by winning in the current minute.


by James LicenseNEW YORK

I am a experienced storyteller. As an author and also performer, I specialize in bringing other people’s stories to life. But newly, I determined to tell a new story about myself.

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After 20 years of practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhism, I ostensibly had a pretty great individual story. I had created an Academy Award-winning short film. I had actually composed and perdeveloped two solo reflects that were critically acasserted and had actually scripted miscellaneous plays, films and TV episodes. I co-established The Trevor Project, which after 18 years is still the just nationwide 24-hour crisis treatment and also self-destruction prevention lifeline for LGBTQ youth. I even obtained invited to the White Housage to reexisting The Trevor Project as soon as the company was honored in 2011.

But a couple of years ago, this story began to feel stale. Underlying the outside success was a sad narrative around myself; I hadn’t rather controlled to hit the mark, not in my profession, my exercise or my life. The voices in my head—my standard darkness with a heaping helping of devilish functions—were telling me: “It’s too late. You’re toast. Video Game over.”

But tbelow was an additional voice, complete of hope, insisting that I never before provide up. “Not yet. You know what your complete potential looks like. Cshed that gap when and also for all.” I figured out to listen to the second voice and obstacle myself to compose a brand-new story about me.

SGI President Ikeda has actually continually motivated us to expand also our prayers, expand our state of life and expand our courage. But to execute this, I was going to need to difficulty my own weaknesses and summon the excellent power of faith. I required to fight my fight in the existing minute and situations.

In the March concern of Living Buddhism, President Ikeda writes: “That’s why the existing moment is what matters, not some time later on. We have to strive earnestly in belief, deepening our commitment to our Buddhist exercise and transcreating our karma, best here and also now. This is the means to accumulate the reasons for happiness, which additionally contain the effect or result of happiness” (p. 44).

I started to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo via appreciation for every circumstance and obstacle.

I wanted to give up this concept that happiness is something just up ahead and around the corner. I made a determicountry to embrace my current situation, and regard it as the important minute both in my life and in my practice.

My first order of service was to throw myself right into SGI activities and make myself accessible to the many type of brand-new members in my ever-flourishing district. The effects were prompt and also dramatic. I listened intently as fellow members generously common the details of their heroic battles in confidence. I started to view that they had precisely what they necessary in order to accomplish their mission as bodhisattvas. It was appropriate there in front of them, not up ahead or roughly the edge. Overcoming this obstacle or meeting that challenge was the exceptionally thing they required to prove to themselves that they were in reality Buddhas actually. And if that was true for them, then it need to certainly be true for me too.

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I began to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo via appreciation for eincredibly circumstance and challenge. I started to check out the existing obstacle not as something to be puburned aside or get over, however as somepoint valuable bereason it was somepoint I had actually attracted to myself in order to expose my Buddha nature. I identified to live with the conviction that my mission right here in this life is to lead people out of suffering—this is the vow of the Buddha, the vow I made eextremely time I chanted.

My prayer instantly expanded past my very own “self.” It wasn’t just about me, or my success or my career. Eincredibly task in my life ended up being a belief activity, an chance to become a leader.

I then drew on my 30 years of endure as a solo perprevious and also my experience functioning with young civilization through The Trevor Project, and I developed a occupational that addressed some of my deepest pertains to about the value of humale life and also the need for each of us to be totally who we are.

My solo display, “The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelcrucial,” premiered in February of last year in New York City and also enjoyed a nine-month run, winning the the majority of glowing of notices from The New York Times. I newly reverted from Los Angeles wright here the show was commemorated and also watched. A nationwide tour is currently in the functions.

Despite the outside benefits, the a lot of vital adjust has arisen within me. Instead of sitting in front of the Gohonzon via a checklist complete of demands, I spend the moment strengthening my commitment to offer and to love. And chanting has come to be the time of the day once I am truly practicing gratitude for my life and also for everyone in it.

Of course, there are more challenges ahead for me, still locations of my life I intfinish to transform through this exercise. In this Year of Expansion in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu, I am inspired to store expanding my “self ” more and also more, presenting many kind of more people to our practice and also utilizing eextremely opportunity to obstacle myself.

As I expand my story even better, I am relocating forward with infinite hope—not just hope in my own individual life, however hope in a brighter future for the totality human being.