MY VISION FOR AMERICABy Daniel CoppingerSimsbury, CTMany type of Americans today feel that our nation stands at a crossroads.

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As America encounters worsening economic troubles, spiraling national debt, the hazard of domestic and international terrorism, and also diminishing prestige about the world, many kind of at residence and also abroad have actually asked if America can ever before be the good nation she as soon as was.It might surprise civilization that Ronald Reagan asked Americans this very same question 35 years ago. In a 1980 speech he sassist, “For the first time in our memory many kind of Americans are asking: does history still have actually a location for America, for her civilization, for her great ideals?”History does have a means of repeating itself. Americans were also fearful of our nation’s future throughout the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression, 2 World Wars, and also in the time of the civil legal rights motion of the 1950s and 1960s. Each generation had actually its very own obstacles to overcome, and also each generation did simply that.Just before his fatality in 1979, John Wayne said “Just give the American world an excellent cause, and also there"s nopoint they can not lick." He thought in the Amerideserve to heart, in our courage and in our capacity to get over adversity. In other words, he believed that Americans weren’t quitters. After September 11th 2001 once the World Trade Towers were ruined, many type of discovered it tough to be optimistic around our future, yet America did not cave to tyranny. She sharpened her talons and also took the fight to those that attacked us on our very own soil. This is the fighting heart that John Wayne was talking about.We must remember, that compared to many type of countries in the world, ours is a young nation. Some cultures watch Americans as arrogant, yet that may be because they execute not understand us. Americans have actually a good deal of pride. We host our heads up high. We cherish our democracy, and our flag. When we say the Pledge of Allegiance we location our hand over our heart signifying our love for our country. We fight for flexibility, for ourselves and also for world in other nations so that they also may live free. We bow dvery own to no various other country.Thus, my vision for America’s future is not among despair but of hope. It is of an America returning to her self sufficiency by preventing the outsourcing of our manufacturing and technical tasks overseas, a practice that has left thousands of Americans without work-related.

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It is of teachers and also paleas that encourage students to strive for academic achievement in math and the sciences which will certainly help America lead the world in technological inventions.My vision sees America reducing its dependency on power imports, especially international oil, for this is a dependency that draws us into senseless wars and incites terrorist attacks. Instead, we will usage renewable power resources such as wind and solar power to put us back on the route to self reliance. This path will certainly also reduce air air pollution, greenhouse gasses and worldwide warming. America’s future needs a holistic strategy towards the stewardship of the earth, making use of science, ethics, and spiritual awareness to aid conserve our earth and also her valuable sources.In the future, wright here the splitting lines in between frifinish and enemy are less plainly drawn, the world will still must depfinish on our armed forces to help preserve global stcapability. My father is a reworn down veteran that was sent out overseas to aid fight the war against terrorism. He felt it was his duty and an honor to serve his nation. Since of the prolonged separation from their families and also the challenges of battle, some veterans endure combat associated psychological and also physical health and wellness worries and financial hardships. In my vision, veterans will receive the respect and gratitude from our federal government for all they have actually sacrificed for the American human being. It is one of financial assistance for our active armed forces and one that pays honor to its returning warriors.Presently we are a country split by ideology and partisanship. Because of this, my vision needs political leaders with the courage to serve the Amerihave the right to civilization and also not their own political agendas. Attempts at reducing our deficit, capital social defense, and approaches to control our ever increasing gun violence have actually deadlocked Congress as political parties bicker. America’s future calls for senators and congressguys through the capacity to job-related together in bipartisanship.I think President John F. Kennedy said it ideal as soon as he stated…“I look forward to a great future for America - a future in which our nation will certainly match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth via our wisdom, its power via our purpose.”It may seem now as though we are a country out of regulate. But what I watch is a young nation that has yet to awaken to her full potential, her good power. A country established on spiritual ideals, “one country under God”, and that God has actually not forsaken us. This is my vision for America. A powerful country, filled via hope and also chance that will certainly make it through the coming storms.