My individual brand also is that I am super energetic in my project. When I was working as a sale assistance in a huge retail keep, I would constantly save my mind that I should be cheerful and energetic in doing my project, so the customers might feel my passion and also caring. This deserve to be assist me to prevent those negative emovement and also things, renders me to be more abundant in work-related. I would think that is one of the the majority of vital staminas of my personal brand also.

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Another strength is that I am willing to learn and also connect through others. Although I am not a quick learner, I will certainly put more effort in order to achieve the outcome. Also, a good relationship with colleague would certainly make all the points a lot much easier. Because of this, I am energetic in interacting via others and also having actually a connection via them.

My weakness is that I am not a rapid learner, yet I am willing to learn.


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In order to strengthen my individual brand, there are several actions I could do. First of all, in order to have actually a good interaction via others, language is the the majority of vital point. Improving my English level can assist me to have a better connection with others. Also, understand also the background of Australia can assist me to get rid of the barriers of society distinction. Secondly, attending the networking events can assist me to construct a connection with different employers. Thirdly, develop a personal brand in ‘connected in’ website can assist me to connect through others.

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Also, it can let others to understand who I am.

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