My lottery dream home season 9 episode 2

Recent lottery winners go on over-the-optimal house hunts for their brand-new dream homes through David Bromstad. Will they spfinish all their winnings on an extravagant mansion or work out for a sound investment?
StarringDavid Bromstad, Dejanae Gibchild, Victoria ChiaroGenresSpecial InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

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A Wisconsin mommy is ready to ditch her tiny apartment after winning $500,000 on a scratch off. Now that her children have actually left the nest, this house hunt is all around her and also she asks David Bromstad to find a residence via space to entertain friends and also family.

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An avid gambler won $500,000 on the Illinois lottery and is prepared to hunt for a townhouse via David Bromstad. She wants a fixer-top so she deserve to put her very own stamp on the house, however David might sway her to buy a completely renovated residential or commercial property.

A Florida pair receives an inheritance from a long-shed relative that leaves them $900,000 richer. They battle to agree on a budobtain for a hill vacation house in Blue Ridge, GA, so David Bromstad measures in to assist them find somepoint they both love.

David Bromstad and also his Christmas helpers surpincrease his family members through a spectacle of every little thing fun and also festive! Using amazing tree designs, novelty garland also, baked decorations and blankets of scurrently, David shares his tips for staging fabulous holiday decor.

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David Bromstad heads to Dallas, Texas, to satisfy a pair that won the lottery in life and love! David has to be on his A-game because in between this pair's building and construction and also inspection experience, they really recognize what to look for in their forever dream home.
A single mother won $3 million on the lottery and wants more room after sharing an apartment with her three growing girls. With four ladies to please, David Bromstad has actually his hands full finding a house through rooms for everyone and space to spreview out.
With 37 piercings, 89 tattoos and endmuch less wigs, David Bromstad has actually never before met a winner favor this grandma! She desires a big home so her elderly mom have the right to relocate in via a yard to fill with grandchildren, and also David has a $200,000 budacquire to discover her perfect home.