Here at Music Xray we do not always hear about all the success stories because once an artist and also an market professional are in touch they do deals directly. We don"t obtain involved. We do not take a reduced and also we don"t have actually any kind of way of tracking those deals either.

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If you have actually a success story you"d prefer to share through us please sfinish us an email to success

API Continues to Sign More Artists

Debora Nortman and her team at API have actually been busy through Music Xray artists and have obtained signed publishing copies from multiple artists via more coming on board quickly.If you have been maintaining up via our success stories you will certainly alert that she had additionally signed Kevin van Houten before also.API Music International Inc., is a new music publishing agency based in Canada that functions greatly in general song placement to other artists, producers, Major andIndie labels and has actually a solid focus towards placement in TV/ Film/ Advertisement, video/computer system gaming, background leased music, intrip airline programming, circulation and also downfill and also various other areas of placement such as licensing masters to document labels via circulation, who develop compilations and functioning withinternational document labels and also sub-publishing partners global. Here are the new artists that have actually signed up via API Alphanaut (aka Mark Alan Dunn),Suzanne Zweier, Kevin van Houten, Michael Jameson,Timothy Hines and Shane Parsons, J2(aka John G. Smith Jr.), and Solista(Natasha Kaye).You deserve to watch the latest from Debora and also her team at API by visiting their profile here

Woguys of Substance Radio Provides Airplay for More Artists

Women of Substance Radio"s Bree Noble continues to usage Music Xray as an avenue for finding new talent. As an update to her last article she has actually currently added Luanne Crosby (2 songs),Pamela G (2 songs), Sharla Shore, Katie Owen, Tara Ann Lundy, Kitchie Nadal, Jessica Sierra, SafeHousage and Callie Cardamon.Bree Noble is a new media pioneer that has produced a radio station whose mission is to pave the means for hard-working, completed female artists to be heard. Click right here to submit music to Women of Substance Radio.

LA Based Music Licensing Firm Signs Multiple Music Xray Artists

LA based Music Licensing Company kind of newly signed four more Music Xray artists to a publishing contracts. We are excited about this for the artists and everyone affiliated. Artists consisted of in this round are Jack Wyles, Raina Rose, Ben Siems and also Craig Rempel(SolarDaze). Their songs are being pitched to TV, Films, Ads, and also Trailers and also we wish them all a lot success.You can see the latest from the firm in LA by visiting their profile here

Skope Magazine Gives Expocertain to Tons of Music Xray Artists

Skope Magazine is the music enthusiast’s media outlet spanning trend setting artists and music society. And they are doing thisfor many kind of killer Music Xray artists! Thanks and hats off to the fine folks at Skope who functioned with:Normale Lamont - Roadblock, Russtvery own Representaz - Get It Girl, Trust Us - The Make Out Kids, aBSYNTh of dEATh - Jealous Servant, Catman Cohen - There Was a Boy, Cyberslunk - The BrainStorm Sessions -Vol 1 (Part 3), Jelixa - Are You The One For Me_Radio Edit, Mary Sarah - Dear Diary, Blisko Pola - Sambaczaczabossanova, Abm - Wine Dvery own Remix, FlyinFisch - Three Years, Studio Red - Spanish Antennas, Ayana John - Can"t Keep Up, Tim Miller - Love, Your Broken Home (Live), Jamie Jameson - Never before Knew What Love Could Be, Anthony Flask - Remove Your Hands ( Finnal Mix ), Stephen Lee - Online, Andrew Hamblin - Wright here Did It Go, Justice Boateng feat Queen Boateng and Suga - Pressing On, Zombie Western - Slings and Arrows, Steph Ldavoski - Super Hero (feat. Zeus), Plank - She"s My Pusher, Sinem Saniye - I"ll Confide, Dodd Ferrelle - Control, and also Simon Fagan - Water"s EdgeYou deserve to watch the latest from Skope by visiting their profile below.

SandShifter Music - Multiple Success Stories

Ten-time award winning songwriter, Gail Vareilles has actually been functioning via Music Xray to uncover opportunities for her songs and the artists she works through. Throughout the years Gail has worked with assorted various other songauthors with the primary one being Tommy Faragher, many kind of time Grammy nominated songwriter, and also writer of several peak 10 hits. Here are some of the relationships and jobs she has functioned on through subgoals at Music Xray: Others will certainly follow and if you would like to see Gail"s EPK along with every one of her songs click right here And if you are interested in functioning with Gail feel free to call her right here gail

Sasha TC Finds Success with LA Based Music Licensing Firm

LA based Music Licensing Company type of freshly signed Music XRay artist, Sascha TC to a publishing contract for her song, "What Would You Like To Do Today".She is currently being pitched to TV, Films, Ads, and Trailers.You have the right to listen to Sascha TC"s song "What Would You Like To Do Today" in addition to some of her other job-related by clicking right here. You deserve to see the latest from the firm in LA by visiting their profile here.

Music Xray Band Natural Habitz Gets Showcase at Jive Records (Sony)

Rob "P.U.S.H. Coleguy has actually secured and also executed a live showsituation to the VP and also President of A&R of Jive Records (Sony) for the band "Natural Habitz" Click here to submit music to Rob "P.U.S.H." Coleguy and click right here to listen to Natural Habitz.

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Womales of Substance Offers Airplay Slots to Eight Music Xray Artists

Women of Substance Radio"s Bree Noble has offered radio airplay slots to eight Music Xray artists: Jeanne Kuhns, Sascha TC, Cat Forsley, Emily Angell, Mars or the Moon, Annie Calder, Mary Sarah and Kenya. Bree Noble is a new media pioneer that has actually created a radio terminal whose mission is to pave the way for hard-functioning, achieved female artists to be heard. Click below to submit music to Woguys of Substance Radio.

Marina V Featured on The Huffington Post

Marina V submitted her song "You Make Me Beautiful" to The Track Cat blog and also A&R Podactors and had actually her song featured on the webwebsite. The song confronted off against 2 new songs each day for 10 days and won the voting challenge eexceptionally single day. This resulted in her song getting to the blog"s Wevery one of Fame and also being featured on the Song Cat A&R Podcast which reaches numerous industry specialists and also also even more music fans. On June 25, 2010 she and her song were featured on The Huffington Blog post garnering Marina additionally exposure and also tractivity. Click below to listen to Marina V"s song, "You Make Me Beautiful".To check out the latest from visit their profile here.

Sentinel Gets Radio Play for Their Song "Kinda Light Up

The band also Sentinel submitted their song to KCLA FM by means of Music Xray and also their song has actually been welcomed. It will certainly be acquiring airplay under the tag "High Energy Pop".We at Music Xray congratulate the band also and look forward to following this song to view where it goes. Click here to listen to Sentinel"s track.To inspect out the latest from Uncle Earl and KCLA FM visit his profile right here.

Dave Scott Signs Publishing Deal via Sweet Rosie Music

Dave Scott has actually been readily available and also has actually accepted a publishing deal with Sweet Rosie Music for his song "Somebody".The song pertained to Sweet Rosie head, Don Ferro"s desk through Music Xray in experienced demo format through wonderful production qualities. "It"s one of the exceptionally ideal "dance" tunes we"ve ever heard." he sassist. We at Music Xray congratulate both parties and look forward to adhering to this song all the way to the charts. Click here to listen to Dave"s track.To check out the latest from Sweet Rosie Music visit their profile below.

Erin Hunt Signs Deal through Mango Reel Music

Erin Hunt has actually signed a resolve Mango Reel and her album "Meet in the Middle" is being advocated across Europe.That"s what we like; success stories that are short and sweet. Congratulations to both parties. Click right here to listen to Erin"s portfolio. To watch the latest methods from Mango Reel visit their profile below.

Russ Riendeau Uses Music Xray Song Presentation Packs to Showsituation His Music to Clients

Russ Riendeau, PhD is a behavioral scientist through more than 25 years of hands-on, bottom-line concentrated organization administration experience. He has consulted via the monitoring of some of the nation’s optimal suppliers – consisting of many of Inc. Magazine"s fastest growers. He"s a public speaker, author of 5 books and an exceptionally good musician to boot. As an out-of-the-box thinker, he has reinserted his business cards with CDs of his music which has become a central part of exactly how he renders an impact and also leaves an impression. Smart!"I"ve offered as a platdevelop to existing my music to the public through a crisp, easy to usage and stellar version of a webwebsite. Anybody can listen to my music for free, i