Mlp Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep

This was glorious! The most thrilling this King has actually ever watched, I was a the edge of my seat, Luna = OP, seriously, so many kind of excellent points taken place in this episode, praise to the writers. One of the ideal episodes ever. That Big Mac minute made my tear up for the guy, I think that is the most display screen time he acquired in that episode. I feel like I watched Inception for a moment, But I perform have some questions that have to be answered about Luna"s principles and also selections... Best Mid- Seakid Finale EVER! Let"s Review! No seriously....

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Directed by Jaychild Thiessen and Jim MillerWritten by Jayson Thiessen and Jim Miller (story) Scott Sonneborn (teleplay)


Story- Princess Luna"s desires are populated by the Tantabus, a parasitic smoke monster that turns her dreams into nightmares. Throughout a dream wright here Luna turns ago right into Nightmare Moon and is beat by Twilight and her friends, the Tantabus escapes into the 6 ponies" dreams. Luna enters each pony"s dream to capture the Tantabus before it have the right to thrive effective sufficient to spcheck out its affect right into the waking human being. Unfortunately, it infects all of Ponyville as soon as Pinkie Pie dreams of sharing ice cream with the entirety town, requiring Luna to merge eincredibly pony"s desires into one in order to discover it. Regardless of the townsfolk"s initiatives to assist contain the Tantabus, it grows in size as soon as Luna blames herself for creating it as self-punishment for her actions as Nightmare Moon. Realizing her guilt is what empowers the Tantabus, Luna is able to stop it by forproviding herself. With the Tantabus gone, Luna is finally able to sleep peacetotally.


I have discussed why I liked the story, however I will certainly acquire into depth on it a little later.... first I will talk about Luna. Luna"s decision to store such a force within her, discovering the peril it would reason is a little... questionable. I understand she explained it in the episode why she preserved the Tantabus within her, yet isn’t it a bit foolish to produce a "being", I guess Luna is a glutton for self-punishment... Whatever before the case, Luna was awesome. And still is.

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Animation & Sound- All of the dream sequences were awesome! I likewise preferred the Big Mac Alicorn transdevelopment, Larchild strikes again... The dream sequences were done to perfection, the scenery at the finish of Luna"s dream looks so impressive, and also the magic computer animation was done, all in all that was remarkable project on the animator’s component.




The PositivesThis episode was a thrill. I was kept at the edge of my seat, and I loved eincredibly moment of it, Rarity, her dream around the clothes monsters were the ideal in my opinion. Then theBig Mac Alicorn change-over was cool. Luna was at her ideal in this episode, unchoose Celestia these days... and also the story was pretty well executed. But that is my opinion on the matter. What carry out yuo guys think? Also Spike was meh in this episode, yet at leastern he was. Also the continuity callago were so much, and Lyra Bon Bon cameo so yeah... Yeah!


NegativesLuna"s concept to create such a thing is out of the question, and also the power of that point was a little too much, however I liked Luna"s inner battle. Also why blue smoke? like why? I see no point of it as smoke, as an individual entity would certainly have actually made the confilct even more deep, as Luna is litterally fighting her inner demon. But... this is entierly subjective to one"s self so yeah, additionally apparently the dialouge was clunky... to me it was "meh".


Final Rank: AOne of the ideal Luna episodes given that... forever, we get to see forgiveness play a role in Luna"s anguish and the callbacks were so much. Big Mac shined like a star. The dream sequences were amazing, Rarity and Fluttershy being my favourite. Rainbow power makes a rerotate and also this episode was really excellent. But the episode was one of the ideal, and a thrill to watch.