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The eLearning Academic Council and the Online Faculty Advisory Committee were charged through giving referrals to the eLearning Oversight Committee regarding what fulfills the existing, UM System-wide need that instructors teaching virtual courses be certified to perform so prior to teaching digital.

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Am I currently certified?

Please refer to the Online Teaching Certification choices listed below for more indevelopment on what counts in the direction of certification; you might currently be certified.

Deans and Chairs have access to a Tableau dashboard that tracks certification; if you have inquiries, please call your Chair.

Online Teaching Certification Options

Faculty/Instructors that have actually completed the complying with historic advance avenues are thought about certified, other than for those who have actually just completed the options marked through an asterisk(* or ), which count as partial certification:
MUCompleted Online Teaching Foundations (OTF) from June 2015 – August 2020Designed Online from January 2020 – August 2020Start Here 101: Online Course Deauthorize Basics + Start Here 102: Best Practices in Online InstructionMU 2021 UDL Workshop + ACUE Microcredential (Active Learning Online)UMSLOnline in 9 from June 2015 – August 2020DIY with a Guide*Start Here 101: Online Course Deauthorize Basics + Start Here 102: Best Practices in Online InstructionResilient Course DesignBlfinished in 9S&TStart Here 101: Online Course Design Basics + Start Here 102: Best Practices in Online InstructionUMKCFaculty Certification (self-paced) – Completions from June 2015 via September 2020Faculty/Instructors who have actually obtained online teaching certification with nationwide establishments, such as ACUE, the Online Learning Consortium, and Quality Matters will certainly should take the recertification programParticipants that completed the Effective Teaching Practices or Effective Online Teaching Practices courses as component of the 2020-2021 ACUE Cohort through the UM System Academic Affairs will be taken into consideration certifiedFor faculty/instructors with advanced levels in digital teaching:If the faculty/instructors got among the following levels within the last 5 years from the UM System, they will be taken into consideration certified; if their level is older than 5 years, they will certainly must take the recertification regimen to be thought about certified:MUOnline Educator Graduate CertificateMasters in Learning Technologies and DesignEducational Specialist Degree in Learning Technologies and also DesignPhD in Information Science and also Learning TechnologiesUMSL PhD in Teaching and Learning Processes via an Emphasis in Instructional TechnologyIf the faculty/instructors have actually got among the complying with from external the UM System within the last 5 years, they will certainly be compelled to take the recertification routine or go through a tranmanuscript audit prior to being thought about certified; if their level is older than 5 years, they will must take the recertification program to be considered certified:Grad Certificate, Masters, or PhD in:Educational TechnologyInstructional TechnologyLearning TechnologyInstructional DesignOnline Learning or eLearningThe Chair of the Online Faculty Advisory Committee will certainly arrange audits via an ad-hoc team of Education faculty with depiction from each of the four colleges within the UM SystemFor faculty/instructors coming into the UM System from exterior institutions:If they obtained training at another school, they will certainly have to take the recertification programIf they have not obtained training at one more institution, they will certainly should take the Online Teaching Certification SeminarRecertification will certainly take place every 5 years, from the day of the last certificationFaculty/instructors might sign up for/take the recertification sooner than that, and then the clock will start over at that pointThe recertification will be a shorter course, focused on updated devices and also technologiesNew faculty/instructors will be given a one-semester grace period to come to be certified or recertified if they are assigned to teach an digital class in the time of their first semester as a faculty member/instructor and also if they execute not meet the certification requirements detailed above


For faculty/instructors that efficiently completed any kind of of the outside trainings pointed out, above, they must submit documentation of those completions here for our documents.

Implementation Timeline

While the Office of eLearning (OeL) will track online teaching certification, the OeL have to not be enforcing the certification, as that is more properly within the purwatch of the Provosts.The timeline to implement these referrals have to be made a decision by the eLearning Oversight Committee, as the Provosts and also their delegates would certainly be the entities enforcing the certification and determining the after-effects of not meeting the needs.UMKC: online teaching certification is already required; the brand-new implementation deserve to start instantly.MU: Beginning on the initially day of the Fall 2021 semester, certification for primary instructors teaching online classes will certainly be compelled by the first day of the semester that those classes are being offered.UMSL: Beginning on the first day of the semester, certification for major instructors teaching digital classes will be forced by the initially day of the Spring 2022 semester that those classes are being readily available.Missouri S&T: Beginning on the initially day of the Fall 2021 semester, certification for primary instructors teaching virtual classes will certainly be forced by the initially day of the semester that those classes are being available.


These plans can be re-evaluated on a yearly on basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who demands to end up being certified to teach online?Only the primary instructor of an online course. Guest lecturers, TAs, graders, class managers/coordinators carry out not must be certified.This uses to all major instructors, consisting of adjunct instructors and also graduate students.What counts as an virtual course?The Higher Learning Commission, which accredits our universities, claims that an online course is any type of course wbelow 75% or even more of the content is yielded at a distance.At MU, this has classes lists as OL or eL for modality. Please note that self-paced classes are, by definition, not online classes (they are correspondence courses), so this policy does not apply to instructors teaching self-paced classes.When carry out the major instructors need to end up being certified?At MU and Missouri S&T, beginning the initially day of the Fall 2021 term, the major instructors have to be certified before they teach virtual.If I am teaching an online course in the Fall 2020 (or Spring 2021 or Summer 2021) term, perform I must be certified before that course starts?No, the requirement does not go into impact till the first day of the Fall 2021 term.If I am teaching an virtual course in the Fall 2021, execute I should be certified prior to that class starts?Yes.What if I just teach online in the spring or summer terms? When execute I need to be certified?The necessity goes right into impact Fall 2021, and also remains in result thereafter. So, if you teach online eincredibly spring, you would certainly must be certified prior to the Spring of 2022.MU: Your chair will certainly note you after the Fall of 2021, what happens if I teach digital and am not certified?Your chair will certainly mark an “unsatisfactory” in myVita in the Teaching category.At UMKC, this is an existing need. Online classes will be cancelled if the instructor is not certified.At UMSL, starting the first day of the Spring 2022 term, the primary instructors need to be certified before they teach digital.Why perform I have to carry out this?

Because the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits our colleges all at once, needs this for accreditation (watch specifically C-RAC Guideline 6).

But my level program has actually its own accreditation. Am I still required to do this?

Yes. The Higher Learning Commission requires it of the whole university. We are responsible both to our discipline-certain accreditation bodies and also the Higher Learning Commission.

How lengthy is this going to take?

If you are not already certified, the Online Teaching Certification Seminar course takes around 36 hours over 6 weeks to complete.

When is the Online Teaching Certification Seminar offered?

A new seminar starts eextremely 6 – 8 weeks. Check right here for begin days and also to enroll/register.

How perform I sign up for the Online Teaching Certification Seminar?

Select here to enroll/register.

How long does certification last?

Five years from the day of your last certification.

Do I need to go via the totality regime aobtain to be recertified after 5 years?

No, you will have to take the Online Teaching Recertification Program, which is a short course designed to familiarize you with the latest technologies and ideal practices.

What certification program carry out I must finish to come to be certified? How execute I recognize if I am already certified?

To assist navigate the certification choices based on your prior experiences, we recommend reviewing either the "Crmodify Given Towards Certification" picture in the section over or this flowchart.