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Free Online Course (Audit) $149.00 Certificate Available 16 weeks long, 6-8 hours a week Self paced 17th Apr, 2020 Beginner English

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The Mechatronics Rdevelopment is upon us.

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Never before has it been less complicated to develop robotic devices and also computer-controlled equipments. The confluence of low-price embedded computers, sensors, and actuators has actually made testing and protokeying less complicated than ever before. Course modules will explore the mechatronics architecture procedure, fundamentals of microcontrollers, embedded systems programming, actuator manage, and also sensor interfacing. Thstormy numerous hands-on labs, students will solidify their understanding of core mechatronics concepts and get real-civilization endure structure their very own mechatronic devices. Upon successful completion of the course, students will certainly be equipped via the fundamental knowledge they have to harness the Mechatronics Radvancement.

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To complete the lab assignments in the course, students should purchase the mechatronics lab kit, TI-RSLK-Mechkit (accessible on for $119). Purchase of the kit or its components is compelled for all students on the Verified track. The kit offers all the materials needed to complete the lab assignments and also develop a small robot. Right now Mouser does not supply to a couple of specific regions and nations such as Nigeria. Students who cannot purchase the kit from Mouser deserve to purchase the parts included in the kit individually from various other merchants as described below.

Audit students that do not wish to finish the labs but desire to follow the lectures might optionally purchase the TI MSP432 Launchpad development board for $19.99. This will certainly allow students to exercise microcontroller programming skills as demonstrated in the course videos.

Module 1: Summary of Microcontrollers

Topic 1: What is Mechatronics?Topic 2: Review to Microcontroller Technology

Module 2: Circuits and Electrical Components

Topic 1: Basic Circuit ConceptsTopic 2: Semiconductor Circuit ElementsTopic 3: Example Circuits for Mechatronic Devices

Module 3: Microcontroller Fundamentals

Topic 1: Integer MathTopic 2: C Programming for MicrocontrollersTopic 3: General-Purpose Input OutputTopic 4: Interrupt-Driven ProgrammingTopic 5: Clocks and also Timers

Module 4: Motors and also Servos

Topic 1: Actuators for Mechatronic SystemsTopic 2: Brumelted DC MotorsTopic 3: Pulse Width Modulation and also Servo Control

Module 5: Sensors and Microcontroller Interfacing

Topic 1: Sensors for Mechatronic SystemsTopic 2: Analog-to-Digital ConversionTopic 3: Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART)Topic 4: I2C and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)Topic 5: Examples of Sensor-Microcontroller Integration

Module 6: Building Mechatronic Systems