New in the structure department by Maybelline is their Dream Velvet formula and it promises:

Hydrated skin. Matte complete. Flawmuch less confront.Turning heads, bringing your A-game, the #nofilter selfie.Putting your best face forward.Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation in shades 10 Porcelain Ivory and also 15 IvoryMaybelline Dream Velvet foundation

The Maybelline Dream Velvet structure comes in 12 shades ranging from 05 Warm Porcelain to 95 Coconut – although the shades certainly skew even more to the paler side of points. You acquire the usual fluid ounce of product in a squeeze tube that comes through a nozzle reminder (and there’s even a small foil seal on it as soon as you first purchase it so you understand it’s not been tampered with). The packaging is slim, compact and sleek. The tube is easy to squeeze and it’s basic to obtain product out of this tube since the plastic is soft and also pliable (something I very appreciate). The product itself is like a thick, whipped mousse yet it spreads and blends easily on the face.

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Maybelline Dream Velvet structure in shades 10 Porcelain Ivory and also 15 Ivory (swatches)

The one point that really set me back in trying this structure though was the colours. If you take a look at the swatches above, you’ll notification that 15 Ivory is really rather dark and is more attuned to my skin tone in the summer. However before, also the shade 10 Porcelain Ivory is still rather dark and also VERY warmth compared to my skin tone. In truth, it looks downideal peachy. I put off trying this foundation for a week because I was scared it would certainly not enhance my face and also I’d be left looking favor a fool at job-related.

I was TOTALLY wrong:

Comparison between no foundation and shade 10 Porcelain Ivory

That’s just how 10 Porcelain Ivory looks on my skin! It’s a FLAWLESS match in my book *and* it even matches my neck! I have actually no concept what the heck is in this structure to cause it to colour match prefer that, however the shade is bang on and I couldn’t be happier. Given exactly how odd the original swatch looked on the underside of my arm… I’m sort of astounded. I don’t know just how you did it Maybelline – but you did, and also it’s awesome!

Final Thoughts

I’m in LOVE through this new Dream Velvet foundation! Aside from my initial streatment via the colour matching, this product has actually seriously zero faults. (For recommendation, my skin is fairly dry best now.) I gain a complete day’s wear out of it (about 10 hours). I have actually no creasing or sinking into fine lines (typically an concern on my forehead because I raise my eyebrows a lot). It feels soft and velvety to the touch. It doesn’t make my challenge itchy. It doesn’t go patchy or peel almost everywhere. The coverage is truly flawmuch less and also it was a breeze using it to my face given that it requires incredibly little bit blfinishing to get it to sink in (I usage a Real Techniques sponge). I love the squeeze tube and also the compact size. In brief, I cannot believe exactly how impressive this structure is! I really don’t have any kind of faults for exactly how this structure wore on my skin or looked. /bows dvery own before Maybelline

The Maybelline Dream Velvet structure can be purchased for ~$16.99 CADVERTISEMENT in stores, or at for $10.99 USD.

Bonus Giveaway!

I obtained an extra tube of Maybelline‘s Dream Velvet foundation in the shade 15 Ivory, and was told to go ahead and also host a giveaway! Please note that tbelow is just the one shade obtainable and I cannot exadjust the colour I received for a colour that would much better suit your skin tone. So please store that in mind when submitting giveamethod entries.

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Giveaway Rules

This giveaway is open internationally!This giveaway starts on March 2, 2016 and runs for one week.Please be conscious that all entries will be double checked to encertain fairness.One winner will certainly win the Maybelline Dream Velvet structure in the shade 15 Ivory (the tube is sealed, so you don’t need to issue around tampering!).The winner will have actually 48 hours to respond to my e-mail. If they fail to respond within that time framework, I will pick one more prize winner. (And so on.)“Giveaway accounts” will certainly not be considered for this prize.

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This post features a product that sent to me for consideration.

Sarah M says:
That’s a very exceptional colour match! It looks excellent on you.Sarah M newly posted…Recheck out and also Swatches: Annabelle Big Sjust how Lip Lacquer


Flawless!! Love this stuff!!Rebekah recently posted…jouviance gloss xoxo

Natalie Heather

I picked up the lightest shade and virtually cried as soon as I witnessed the shade that came out of the tube since it looked so dark. I was persuaded it didn’t enhance my skintone, however it actually does! It’s probably just a smidge also dark for my ghostly winter skin, but it’ll be a great complement via simply a bit even more sun. I likewise obtained complimented on my skin the first time I wore it so that was pretty excellent. I am actually in love with this structure however I wish they had actually a bigger array of shades…Natalie Heather recently posted…Guerlain The Eye Pencil