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A Course in Miracles is a psychological mind training which teaches us to dismantle a believed device based on are afraid, and accept instead a thought mechanism based on love.

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We’ve been mentally trained to resolve troubles at the level of impact — thinking if we had even more money, a much better companion, a various job, and so on., we would certainly be happy. But these are mere illusions of the ego mind, guaranteed to store us on a continuous wheel of enduring by which we look for however never discover.

To effect actual readjust in our stays, we need to adjust our perceptions. And such a basic transition in thinking, from adjust on the level of effect to change on the level of reason, is a miracle. By making such alters we ourselves come to be miracle-workers — via the capacity to readjust not only ourselves yet also the human being around us.

Whether you’re a student of A Course in Miracles or someone who hasn’t really delved in yet: if you want guidance on exactly how to live the ethics of the Course – including the alternative of an online area of like-minded companions doing the same – Williamson’s virtual course is for you.


Working Miracles: The Plan of the Teachers of GodA miracle is a transition in perception from fear to love, transporting us from the psychological tyranny of obsession via past or future to the inner peace of a Holy Instant. All of us are dubbed to be part of a Great Awakening on the earth today, as we adjust our reasoning and for this reason change the civilization.

Miraculous RelationshipsRelationships are assignments, in which human being are brought along with maximal opportunities for spirit expansion. Relationships are either conduits of love or conduits of are afraid, via the power to either heal or hurt.

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The Role of the Divine SpiritGod has actually inserted within our minds an Internal Teacher, via the power to take us ago to love as soon as we are lost in are afraid. The Holy Spirit is a “gentle bridge of perception,” authorized to return us to inner peace when we willingly area our reasoning under His guidance.

Real ForgivenessWe deserve to have a grievance or we can have a miracle, but we cannot have actually both. When we’re willing to overlook the guilt in our brother to the innocence which lies beyond, we are freed from the pain of guilt that we otherwise job onto ourselves.

The Salvation of the WorldThe just thing to be saved from is our own fear-based reasoning. The healing of the Son of God lies in dismantling of the ego’s believed mechanism that now dominates the people, and also accepting instead the magnificent Alterindigenous of the Holy Spirit’s love.



The body of the course consists of five instructional videos from, where she guides us via the primary values of A Course in Miracles.Tbelow is an Private Online Community Forum for participants to share their experiences and assistance each other in discovering and also practicing the concepts in the course.Recordings of two online calls via wbelow she expounded on the principles in the course, answered concerns, and did live coaching via original course participants are had.Bonus Material Includes: The Basics of A Course in Miracles two-component lecture series in downloadable audio, Miraculous Relationships lecture on video, The Meaning of Forgiveness lecture on Video, Living Without Fear lecture on Video. Audio downlots of the course videos are also consisted of. You will certainly gain lifetime, long-term accessibility to all materials

Join as she walks you via the main principles in A Course in Miracles, clarifying its principles to make their helpful application more basic. Allow this course to remind you of the keys to miracle-mindedness and how they deserve to transform your life forever.