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Gender TransformationsGet turned right into the opposite sex.

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Mythological CreaturesBecome a nymph, fairy, mermassist, or other fantasy creature.
AnthromorphsWould you enjoy having actually hair, cute ears, and also a tail?
Superherbal EntitiesTransform right into an angel or demon — or perhaps even a goddess.
Soul ChangesSwap bodies, convert between good/evil, and also even more.
Hypnosis & Mind ControlSurrender. Let go. You can’t resist. Obedience is pleasure.
Super PowersWhat would you carry out if you had actually a special ability?
Age ManipulationBecome young aget. Maybe you’ll live forever.
Other TransformationsYou can be transformed right into literally anypoint.

Some stories only encompass one kind of transformation; others mix and enhance different themes for even more interesting combinations! Click the “Details” tab on any type of story’s page for more information.

Adult Content Warning:These stories may include sex, nudity, language, or various other adult content, and are intfinished for mature audiences only. However before, at fairtradeexpo.org, we desire to tell an excellent story. That’s why we emphasis on relatable characters within a familiar people. They have actually emotional stakes, believable motivations, and dynamic relationships — that all finish right into an erotic scene that’s all the even more effective, systematic, and pleasurable bereason of it.

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What to Expect at fairtradeexpo.org


Gender Transformations

Many of our stories are around a male who gets totally transdeveloped, inside and out, into a beautiful new woman. He commonly fears and resists the alters at initially, however after transcreating, she quickly discovers she’s actually much happier, freer, and also much better this means.

A few stories focus on other points, however male-to-female sex revolutions are by much our most renowned.

But if you’re in the mood for something else, inspect out all our different transdevelopment themes and also categories. We’ve obtained other fun stuff to enjoy also.

Quality Storytelling

Our stories pull you in and also won’t let go. Lose yourself in a fantasy civilization. Connect via the personalities. Feel choose you’re actually, personally being transdeveloped through them.

We avoid overly done tropes and also clichés, giving you a fresh take on the familiar transformations you love — through relatable personalities, believable motivations, and also emotionally-engaging plots.

Secret Kinky Fantasies

If you have a kink for gender revolutions, mind regulate, fantasy creatures, super heroes, or any type of of our many kind of other transdevelopment themes — oh yes! You’re in for a treat. Our stories will turn you on, exmention your senses, and also make you surrender right into your favorite trick pleasures.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Lite

There’s always something magical, high-technology, or superherbal, but our stories aren’t “hard” sci-fi/fantasy. They’re sensibly based in the genuine human being — other than magic exists, fantasy creatures hide among us, and modern-day innovation provides anything feasible.


Romance and Erotica

Sex, nudity, romance, or various other erotic aspects are consisted of in most stories. Even people that feel neutral about sex changes (it’s just a plot device to them) have come to be passionate fans. They love the adendeavor, emotional link, character relationships, and steamy, sensual sex scenes.

Universal Compatibility

Eincredibly ebook sold on this site includes a PDF, EPUB, and also MOBI (Kindle) version — all in one purchase! So no matter wright here you are, what gadget you usage, or exactly how you desire to check out our stories, you’re always excellent to go!

The Complete Library

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