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Released ByMr.NobodyLanguageEnglishStatusFully Playable PlatformPlayStationPatching InformationTargets BIN/Cue (Disc Based)GenreAdventurePublimelted ByAsmik Ace EntertainmentVideo Game Date22 October 1998Patch Version1.0Release Date01 May 2020ReadmeReadme FileDownloads7381Last Modified01 May 2020

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Full English Translation for LSD - Dream Emulator (PS1)

This is an English translation patch for the game LSD - Dream Emulator created by Mr.Nobody & Arcanearia. The patch have the right to be applied to the iso file via the regimen PPF-O-Matic which can be discovered in this webwebsite.

The translation covers all of the 48 text-desires (most of them based in the dream journal ‘Lovely Sweet Dream’) and also the major menu.

Text desires were based also on the english translation of Badcafe, Puptoon, Chia and various other partners from the LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki website.

Enjoy the game!

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CreditsContributorType of contributionListed credit
Mr.NobodyHackingDesing & Hacking
SnowyAriaOriginal TranslationFull Menu JP-ENG Translation

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