Ll Cool J Crime Stories

“Crime Stories” was just obtainable on the cassette editions of Walking With A Panther, not the vinyl or CD releases because of time constraints of those media.

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*Judge talking*Twenty-five years in the state penitentiaryTried to pull off the biggest crime of the centuryPulled out the ten-side nine millimeterWent out to rob, sticking up sweeterNever before had a task you gonna work for yaMajor escape but a basehead observed yaYou gained it under control, you rock and rollCrime is in your soul, you go on for the goalComin' home late through your cause finger achingGot in the beef for some buckwilds (?) they makingDrivin' fast, I can lay in the laneCaught with a kilo, currently explain!Don't execute the crime, if you can't execute the time(Crime Stories!)Don't perform the crime, if you can't perform the timeDon't execute the crime, if you can't carry out the timeDon't do the crime, if you can't carry out the timeDon't do it!Uzi's, nines, forty-fives and also MacksCocaine on the brain, gold chains and jacksHitman for hire, substantial contractsIn fact he got macked cause the eye-contactBought a .38 so currently he's a wanna-be masterCome on, baby, I eat steak and lobsterI gained a Mercedes-Benz, I be as double-(?) as your friendsBut what about the covert camera lens?Cortex-style, but you're countin' that moneyThen the brothers who diss think they sooo funnyThey took yours - you thought you was niceBut now pay the price - they put you on ice!
*Judge talking*Guilty! You acquire passist for crimeI get paid to rhyme on time and also in my mindI view I could have to discover a also harder grooveI acquired a smarter moveNo crime no time, now that's smoothWho wants to play a cell and also waste time as wellI'd a lot fairly be L than in hellCause I might never go and also stick up sellAnd finish up like them via dry pistol smellI'd a lot quite earn mines and obtain minesMake up stacks and also cracks and compose def rhymesHe cuts so quick and I'm sharp as a knifeI obtained sentenced to rock, 25 to life!Cut-throat killer, proud of the fact he killsHe got in the beef, he said stand also back to chillPulled out the gun, the crowd started to runBOOM! (?) boy is done!Went approximately braggin', yeah boy I dit it, I admit itThe summary of the killer - I fit itIf the cops wanna catch me, they much better come via itI shot the bullet and also homeboy little itLike a (?), I put a pounderI'm fond o' kill or be killed, lengthy as my pockets acquire rounderI'm on my own, I'm alone, and also I roll for meCaught via a pistol -1-2-3