Linear algebra and differential equations online course

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Dr. Bevin Maultsby


MA 591 Fundamentals of Liclose to Algebra and Differential Equations

3 Crmodify Hours

This course covers topics from linear algebra and multivariable calculus. The computational and also theoretical direct algebra topics incorporate straight transformations, matrix algebra, bases, eigenworths and also eigenvectors, and also initially and also second order differential equations. Topics from multivariable calculus include multivariable functions, differentiation, Taylor’s theorem, optimization and also the Inverse Function Theorem. This course is a graduate level survey of the abovementioned topics for engineers and also scientists. Not for credit for existing math majors.

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Undergraduate courses in the calculus sequence, preferably through multivariable calculus; course in linear algebra and simple differential equations; or by consent of the instructor.

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, students have to understand the basic uses of direct algebra in modeling mathematical and physical problems. In certain, students must be able to:

Understand also why and also how straight algebra is provided to approximate equations in multidimensional settings.Model and also resolve problems using matrices and differential equations.Demonstprice the geometric interpretation behind matrix operations, components, and eigenworths and eigenvectors.Identify the role of linearization in nonstraight settings through examples from multivariable calculus.

The schedule of topics follows

Recheck out of linear algebra (straight revolutions, representing direct revolutions with matrices, matrix algebra, eigenvalues and also eigenvectors). Examples may encompass stochastic matrices and also discrete dynamical systems.Modeling and also differential equations.Differential multivariable calculus with a linear algebra framework; in specific the derivative as a straight transdevelopment, optimization, and the Inverse Function Theorem.

Course Requirements

This course calls for homework-related, 3 midterms, and also a cumulative final. Grades will be based on:

Midterms = 45%Homework = 20%Cumulative Final Exam = 35%


Instructor notes will be offered. Optional yet recommended supplementary text is