The list of resources below are the crucial training course interpretation records of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and also the BSA"s Outdoor Ethics Subcommittee, and also the compiled list of resource items referenced by those records.

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BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course Manual (updated July 1, 2021)

Master Educator Handbook

Are You Current?

To lead a Trainer Course, Leave No Trace Master Educators should be current members of the Center and also must take the ME Refresher eincredibly 2 years.

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Key Resources for All Leave No Trace Courses

Leave No Trace Video - National Park Service Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Course Standards

Presentations and Background Materials by Course Section

Keep in mind that many kind of of the Powerpoint presentations encompass speaker"s notes as component of the document. These notes describe crucial points and extra information to be extended as soon as showing each slide, so please print them and also usage them.

The slide show have the right to be published out and also provided to encertain coverage of the content through various other presentation mediums.

Need for Leave No TraceHistory of Leave No TraceEducational Model and the Role and also Function of Educators Personal Leave No Trace Presentations(none)Cooking / CleanupIntroduction to the Principles of Leave No Trace Relevant Skills & Ethics Booklet: Leave No Trace Principles SectionsLeave No Trace Ethics Reference Card (Hangtag)101 Ways to Teach Leave No TraceBSA FieldbookBoy Scout HandbookCamping Merit Badge pamphletVenturing Ranger Award GuidebookOutdoor Ethics Authority of the Resource
Repursuit for Authorization to conduct Leave No Trace Trainer Course (updated Feb 25, 2020) BSA Health & Medical RecordNormally Parts A/B for Trainer course Leave No Trace Center Course Release Form Course Evaluation
Training Cards - Use general Training Recognition cards (Item: 615012, from your council or scoutshop.org) or the following: MS Word .docMail Merge*: Template Data BackFillable PDF **Blank (print and hand also fill) Recognition Pin or Patch (Leave No Trace Center)
Training Attendance Report**This is the conventional BSA form. Check through your Council on council-specific forms or actions.Submit the Training Attendance Report to your Council Training registrar and also to your Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate.Training Code:Leave No Trace Trainer: D78Leave No Trace Center Trainer Course Roster Submission
* MS Word Mail Merge forms: Use Edit > Relocation All in the design template file to upday area and day before doing the merge. You have the right to use miscellaneous information resources -- .xls file, csv file, word record w/ table, database, ... Template provides First and Last data columns. Simple Sample Documents Data Front and also ago of the cards are separate records, because a lot of human being will be doing manual 2-sided printing of card stock. ** NOTE for Fillable PDFs: Do not try to enter data in fillable pdf"s in your internet browser window - they will certainly not Save. If you try to save them, you will acquire the original empty form and your entries will certainly be shed.INSTEAD - save the file to your computer, then Open it in Acrobat Reader. You deserve to then enter data, save the file, print, and so on