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Jimmy and also Luz are veterans in the market. They"re both award winning dance teachers, respected by salsa dance aficionados approximately the world for their comprehensive, technical instruction and also their smooth dance style. They both teach weekly at the DC Format Salsa Academy, Washington, D.C."s largest salsa school!

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"Jimmy and also Luz are hands dvery own the best instructors in the DMV, their teaching formats are perfect for whatever level of dance you find yourself at novice to progressed dancer." By Luis Mezquia, Washington, D.C. Jimmy and Luz are hands dvery own the best instructors in the DMV, their teaching formats are perfect for whatever before level of dance you find yourself at novice to advanced dancer. They do a good task of relating the methods and combicountries in a means that is basic to understand also and also easily pick up. It only take a minute through these two for you to realize that you’re obtaining high top quality, closely developed instruction and also guidance you require you must take your salsa dancing to the following level.
"Best instruction about (not simply salsa), I intend it. No borders for you men...skies and also beyond!" By Adam Axelrod, Washington, D.C. Very rarely do you discover instructors that have mastered both their craft and the art of instruction too. Jimmy and Luz have not only done that, they have such a solid dedication and also passion for what they carry out as well! They have arisen a distinct and organized strategy to teaching that allows anyone to learn and prosper, regardmuch less of your current skill level. They teach a straightforward language that breaks every little thing down to core ideas, clears the ambiguity, and enables you to flourish in all elements of your dance. It’s not just around revolve trends or recycled choreo that you foracquire 5 minutes after course. Tbelow is always somepoint brand-new to learn and they genuinely invest themselves in the progression of the student, not simply the syllabus. When I began taking classes through them, I just wanted to learn some basic on-2 techniques. But I appreciated it so much that I finished up training with them for numerous years! Fantastic institution, exceptional instruction, and even much better people. Highly recommend!
"I take a trip all the means from Hampton roadways to train with Jimmy and also Luz." By Richie Deguia, Hampton Roads, VA. I travel all the way from Hampton roadways to train with Jimmy and also Luz. Their instruction is extremely thorough and also specific. They plainly treatment about their students salsa growth and teach techniques that will help them better their knowledge in the dance. Not to mention, they are some of the nicest instructors you will certainly ever satisfy. 5 star EBay recommendation!

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"I am not certain wright here to begin via my review of DC Style Salsa Academy bereason tbelow are so many positive points to say about this "Dance" Academy." By Kendrick Oyola, Washington, D.C. I am not certain wbelow to begin via my evaluation of DC Layout Salsa Academy bereason tbelow are so many type of positive points to say around this "Dance" Academy. A class via Jimmy Yoon and Luz Rodriguez-Mercier is, initially and also foremost, fun and entertaining, however they are major about teaching the standard of dancing salsa, and helping their students understand also the DNA of Latin rhythm. Their love and also passion analyze well in their class. From Jimmy sharing historic anecdote around the social influences on Latin music, to Luz teaching the power of a well timed "Hair flick" and/or Hip roll.
"Taking Salsa/Dance lessons from Jimmy and Luz is both a Treat and a Must!" By Monica Nunes Costa, Washington, D.C. Taking Salsa/Dance lessons from Jimmy and also Luz is both a Treat and also a Must! I love that they are people"s person; current to you, love what they carry out, extremely generous and fun to learn from, weather you"re a newbie or a Master!
"Can"t say enough impressive points around Jimmy & his impressive staff of instructors." By Lee "El Gringuito" Smith, Washington, D.C. If you want to learn just how to obtain dvery own with Salsa/Mambo/Afro Cuban Movement the DC Format Salsa Academy is THE PLACE to execute it! Can"t say sufficient exceptional things about Jimmy & his remarkable staff of instructors. Not just will certainly you learn the ideal moves, however you will certainly develop your core & expertise of why Latin Dancing is so amazingly addictive!
"If you desire to learn salsa ON2, this is the area for you." By Makeda Fikre-Selassie, Washington, D.C. I can not say enough about why I love this dance academy. It has quality instruction from some truly passionate human being. If you want to learn salsa ON2, this is the area for you. Jimmy and Luz watch the value in expanding your dance vocabulary so throughout the year they market unique sessions in Afro-Cuban, Chachacha, styling/body motion and much more. The vibes are great, all the time!

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