Wantto become an Auctioneer?

Thturbulent the Continental Auctioneers School intense, one-week course, you will certainly learn from instructors who earn their living in the auction sector. You will certainly get the abilities, devices and processes to end up being a successfulauctioneer.

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Auction institution students learn the art of bid-calling. Students spfinish a far-reaching amount of the course sharpening their bid-calling skills via tongue twisters and also number drills. Students then go with the step-by-step process of structure the auction chant. Instructors produce real-world simulations to assist students prepare for perdeveloping in an actual auction environment.

In enhancement to bid-calling, students learn various other necessary abilities required to come to be an auctioneer. Instructors help students develop skills in sales prospecting, Marketing, Auction Setup and Design, Company Planning and a lot more…

Tools and Processes


Instructors Steve Maynes and also Jason Hallberg demonstrating just how the Auctioneer and also Ringmale job-related together

Auction School studentswill certainly learn about the devices required to start a career in the auction profession. Continental instructors administer tools such as contract and proposal templates, budget templates, Webwebsite tools and also even more. Students learn around other tools forced to reach their individual company goals and wright here to find those tools.

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We teach procedures. From taking a prospective contact to listing an auction to auction setup, our instructors provide step-by-action instruction in the processes students will certainly encounter in the auction profession.


At Continental Auctioneers School, we pride ourselves onour after school assistance. We realize that our one week course is just the start of the learning procedure to end up being an auctioneer. We suppose each of our students to have concerns or need assist in some aspect of their auction career after graduation. For this factor, each student has actually access to each instructor after they leave school.

Tuition: $1,490*

*obtain a $100 discount if registered and also tuition paid at least 14 days in breakthrough or if tuition is paid online

Course Outline

50 Instructional Hours

**Note: If your live in a state wbelow State Licencertain needs 80 hrs of training, please watch information regarding our Auctioneers License Prep Program.**

Our intensive 5 day course consists of the topics noted listed below taught the first 4 days of the regimen along with the Certified Personal Property Appraisercourse on day 5. We wrap up the week with a fun student auction.