Learn russian online for kids

We"ve created this virtual phrasebook for world who have actually adopted a son from a Russian speaking country. Knowing some Russian will make your life easier and your child will feel more calm in their brand-new life. Below you"ll find different topics. Each one has a list of valuable phrases in Russian through audio.

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First days Phrases that you"ll usage at the start

First meetingYou have simply met your child and also you want to say hello, your name, and so on.

We love youImportant words to tell your son any kind of time: You"re going to live happy and loved.

We are going homeExsimple your child that you"re going to live together in a various nation.

Showing your homeFirst day at home. You"ll display the parts of the house and your child"s bedroom.

Friends and also familyYour friends and family members will visit you. Discover just how to introduce them to your child.

Everyday life Phrases that you"ll usage in certain situations

Time to eatDo you desire to eat? execute you like it? what carry out you want for lunch? Learn this and more right here.

Doctor / healthYour child"s heath is extremely necessary. Discover how to ask where it harms and also even more.

PlayingYour son desires to play and also have fun. Learn right here valuable words around playing.

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Behave!It may happen: you need to tell off your child and also define what"s appropriate and also wrong.

Bedtime / waking upYou"ll be utilizing these phrases every night and also eexceptionally morning.

More Russian Phrases that you"ll use all the moment

Basic helpful phrasesYou"ll require them: "What is this?", "I don"t understand", "please",etc.

NumbersFind Out exactly how to count in Russian from 0 to 100. You"ll use it extremely regularly.

Time expressionsNow, later, never, constantly,.. Find Out this and also: days of week and months.

Colours and shapesLife is complete of colours and also you"ll should understand just how to say them in Russian.

Two standard Russian courses

If you want to learn even more Russian, you have the right to visit our free courses:

How to check out RussianLearn to read in simply 7 lessons. With audio and pronunciation exercises.

Course: How to review Russian Level: Beginner Lessons: 7 (via audio)

Basic Russian course Method to learn Russian from zero, via audio and also dialogues.

Course: How to review Russian Level: Beginner - Intermediate Lessons: 14 (through audio)

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