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Restaurant POS Hardware

fairtradeexpo.org MICROS restaurant POS hardware is built to last. It stands as much as warm, cold, spills, drops, hefty use—whatever the industry requirements. Our terminals, taballows, kiosks, and also kitchen screens market the ideal in handling power, rate, reliability and, over all, security.

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Workterminal 6 Series

Run your restaurant on our flagship large-display POS hardware. With no moving parts, the Workterminal 6 lasts forever. It offers the processing power, payment capabilities, and toughness you must save your restaurant running in the time of your busiest shifts.


Workstation 3 Series

If room, shade, and also electrical outlets are limited, the Workterminal 3 is for you. High-volume concession stands, sun-soaked poolside bars, and food trucks are just a couple of locations wright here the Workstation 3 shines.


Tablet 700 Series

Arm your staff with robust mobile POS tablets. Real-time table management, food selection updates, and order standing now fit in an apron pocket. Our mobile crmodify card handling POS taballows are perfect for tableside ordering, and also they last a full shift on a single hot-swappable battery.


Self-Service Kiosks

Run fairtradeexpo.org Simphony POS software application on our durable self-business kiosks or on your existing kiosks to reduced down lines and also wait times. Update food selection alternatives, prices, and also upoffer items across all kiosks at once while reducing staff overhead.


Kitchen Display Systems

Our fairtradeexpo.org MICROS Kitchen Display Solution (KDS) instantly screens color-coded orders from your front of home, webwebsite, and also mobile application to your kitchen staff for straightforward order management. Prioritize orders via a touchdisplay or bump bar. Reduce ticket times, obtain orders out quicker, and ensure shipment deadlines are met.

POS Hardware Accessories

Receipt printers, EMV readers for crmodify cards, mobile wallet readers, customer-facing screens, and cash drawers. We’ve got you spanned.

Simphony lets you run your restaurant from the palm of your hand. Optimize inventory, employee performance, menus, and also marketing. Quickly adapt to new dining patterns, and also automate regimen work with ease. No should problem around hands-on maintenance or upgrades. Simphony is user-friendly and evolving in the cloud to encertain its attributes incorporate everything a restaurant demands to run smoothly.


In-House Order Management and also Payment Processing

Take customer orders and process payments in home with resilient tablets, terminals, and also self-service kiosks.

Online Ordering and Customer Commitment Programs

Upday virtual menus, take orders from your website and also mobile app, and sfinish targeted supplies to loyal customers.

Kitchen Display Equipment (KDS) and Versatile Integrations

Extend your point-of-sale capabilities via our included KDS mechanism and over 85 well-known third-party apps and services.

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Cloud-Based Analytics, Inventory, and also Labor Reports

Use in-depth analytics to optimize sales, prices of items marketed, inventory, and also labor performance from our mobile application or your internet browser.

Optimized for Online Ordering, Curbside Pickup, and also Deliincredibly with Restaurant POS Software and Hardware from fairtradeexpo.org

“With a taracquire of 15 minutes to obtain orders all set, this mechanism ensures our delivery deadlines are met. We supply accurately, on time, still piping hot, and our customer satisfaction has actually never before been much better.”

Mike Palmer, Operating Partner, Outago Steakhouse Australia.

Point of Sale for Restaurants of All Sizes

Digital Dining

Simphony Point of Sale from fairtradeexpo.org is a suitable POS system for restaurateurs looking to supply an digital ordering suffer that meets the highest possible customer company and also brand also criteria.

Key benefits for digital dining:

Accept orders from websites and mobile appsManage menus and also pricing in a solitary locationIntegrate with a wide array of service suppliers

Explore our Online Ordering Solutions

Rapid Service Restaurants

Simphony helps Panini reduce wait times for its customers. Online orders, contactmuch less pick-up and also shipment, and mobile pay through QR codes circulation with their Simphony POS for optimized order processing.

Key benefits for QSRs:

Robust hardware withstands high-volume trafficCustom workflows enhance speed, mitigate errorsSimple, efficient loyalty programs

Explore our Quick Service POS bundle

Casual Dining Restaurants

Efficiency is a vital to success for casual dining restaurants prefer New York Burger. Casual dining restaurateurs choose Simphony to reduce wait times, price, and also food waste with a little IT footprint.

Key benefits for casual dining restaurants:

Explore our Table Service POS bundle

Fine Dining Restaurants

A premium guest endure in-residence and also digital is essential for full service restaurants prefer MASH. They usage Simphony to connect table company via kitchen operations for flawmuch less and effective business.

Key benefits for fine dining restaurants:

Complete manage of the brand also experienceSimple menu and also pricing administration toolsSleek tableside ordering and also payment processing

Explore our Table Service POS bundle


Franchises like Quiznos run on Simphony. Real-time analytics reports sell insights on each location"s metrics. Launching in new locations is straightforward. Above all, a continual customer suffer is ensured across multiple countries and also langueras.

Key benefits for franchise restaurants:

Centralized menu administration and also reportingGlobal hardware, software, and also supportCompetitive price of ownershipEffective, customizable loyalty programs

Bars, Cafés, and also Nightclubs

Our sturdy spill-resistant hardware and also cloud-based software application keeps bars, pubs, cafes, and clubs running around the civilization. Our portable touchscreens aid servers send orders to bars and also kitchens instantly, staying clear of errors and enhancing rate of company.

Key benefits for bars, cafés, and nightclubs:

Compact, portable, resilient hardwareKitchens and also bars obtain orders instantlySmall IT footprint delivers massive profit boostsSimple, customizable loyalty programs

Sports and also Entertainment

Simphony helps stadiums, arenas, and design template parks serve numerous customers per year. Simphony meets the demands of fine dining restaurants and also concession stands alike, providing each venue a straightforward view of sales and inventory throughout all points of sale in actual time.

Key benefits for sports and entertainment venues:

Wireless hardware withstands extreme weatherSoftware functions on existing kiosk hardwareCommitment programs increase visitor engagementInventory analytics educate staff in actual time

Transportation Hubs

Simphony helps companies prefer HMSHost regulate logistics for hundreds of food and also beverage brands in airports and also train stations. With Simphony, HMSHost moves employees between the hundreds of bars and also restaurants they control without extra training.

Key benefits for transportation hubs:

Hotels, Casinos, and also Cruise Ships

Our restaurant POS systems occupational through residential or commercial property administration platforms to administer guests with a seammuch less experience. You"ll discover fairtradeexpo.org MICROS Simphony in iconic hotels, resorts, casinos, and cruise lines across the globe.

Key benefits for hotels, casinos and also cruise ships:

Simphony integrates seamlessly via fairtradeexpo.org OPERA CloudHardware withstands expocertain to sunlight and also waterVisibility throughout all points of sale on property