Find Out to sheight, compose and also understand also the second main language of the Netherlands through this cost-free introductory language course.

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Did you know that, besides Dutch, a 2nd official language is spoken in the Netherlands? It’s a language even even more very closely related to English than Dutch. This language is referred to as Frisian.

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0:03Skip to 0 minutes and also 3 secs Although you most likely never heard these Frisian words before, it is likely that you have the right to guess what their definition is, as it is similar to English. Welconcerned the College of Groningen, one of the earliest universities in the Netherlands. The College of Groningen has branches in Groningen yet likewise in Leeuwarden, the resources of the adjoining province of Friesland also. My name is Nanna Hilton. I’m an Assistant Professor of sociolinguistics at the Department of Frisian Language and also Culture at the College of Groningen. I would certainly prefer to welcome you to this cost-free, virtual introductory Frisian course.

0:40Skip to 0 minutes and 40 secs Are you interested in minority langueras or are you enthusiastic to learn the language that is considered the nearemainder cousin of English? Do you have Frisian roots? Or perform you setup to visit the beautiful province of Friesland also and also would certainly choose to understand the neighborhood language? Frisian is the second main language of the Netherlands. It is spoken in the province of Friesland also by approximately fifty percent a million civilization, but many even more deserve to understand also it. All indigenous speakers of Frisian stop Dutch as a 2nd language. That renders Friesland also a bilingual province. Most indicators are bilingual. In many bookshops, there’s a edge with Frisian publications. Throughout the province, you will discover Frisian music, theatre, and also film productions.

1:21Skip to 1 minute and 21 seconds And the local tv and radio broadspreading is in Frisian. Frisian is likewise a compelled topic in both major and also secondary education and learning. This free course permits you to learn Frisian up to a lower beginner’s level, meaning you must have the ability to understand some Frisian and also use some elementary phrases and expressions.

1:40Skip to 1 minute and also 40 seconds We hope we will shortly have the ability to say, , welpertained to the course and also that you will have actually a great time gaining brand-new language abilities.

Reading and listening to dialogues around work-related, research, hobbies, eating, living, weather and the time Understanding the grammar about the conjugation of verbs, word order, personal and possessive pronouns, adjectives, modal verbs and also making questions Writing and also speaking assignments including presenting oneself and speaking about functioning and also living

Start right amethod and also learn at your very own pace. If the course hasn’t began yet you’ll see the future date provided listed below.