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Discover Haitian Creole via conversations

As an main language of Haiti, along with French, the language boasts as much as 12 million native speakers. Creole was born of a beautiful blend of French and African languages, and also today exists as a distinct language of its own. This stunning country is comprised of hills, levels, and also sparkling coasts alengthy the Caribbean Sea. The Haitian world have a rich society anchored in Afrideserve to and also French roots; weaving together vivid art, lively dance, and also rich folklore to strengthen communities and also cultural ties. A friendly world, all you have to execute is ask locals for a small èd (help) in finding out this exciting language.

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Grammar Notes

No interpretation is produced equal. Grammar Notes, color-coding, and attributes that focus on particular grammatical nuances in between taracquire and also source language strengthens your expertise of Haitian Creole language structure.

Culture Notes

Etiquette, body language, gestures — set the mood. Culture Notes provide a backdrop to discovering product and let the Haitian Creole culture come alive, setting you up to create deeper relationships with Haitian Creole society and make a positive impression.

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Critical thinking and memory-structure exercises blfinish new vocabulary into lesboy progression, allowing you to pick up on the framework of your tarobtain language so you can apply brand-new content that will be presented in various conmessages throughout the course.


Didn’t capture that? Hear it aget at a conversational speed, float over for phonetics, or click the word for an articulated narration. Tone your accent versus native speaker audio by activating the voice comparikid tool.

Course Outline

Learn Haitian Creole language basics, from prevalent phrases all the way to even more advanced ideas