“One does not need buildings, money, power, or standing to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is appropriate wbelow you are standing, and that is the location to train..”

– Morihei Ueshiba

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Welinvolved the Takemusu Aikido Online Dojo!

The approach of the Online Dojo is to to create an area where we have the right to share our exercise wherever, whatever before the present circumstances.

It is an opportunity to go deeply right into a modern-day embodiment practice, rooted in the Japanese Martial Tradition and also Culture. Whilst the training is major and demanding, it is always carried out in playful and also joyful manner, designed to communicate and obstacle the beginner and seasoned practitioner of all levels.

Check out our Daily Training Schedule:

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Early 2020 experienced the creation of the Takemusu Aikicarry out Online Dojo, as a solution to the Covid Pandemic – offering civilization the possibility to proceed their day-to-day exercise. All classes are online, live, and interenergetic – taken as part of a group via Zoom Meetings. Our community is made of members from many different countries, all training in the heart of sharing and learning together.