Before my surgeries, it was significantly even more tough to walk, to exercise, to ski because of the pain. Consequently, the knee replacement surgical procedure was like a miracle to me.

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Carol Welsch of West Orange, NJ, had such a positive experience as soon as she had her initially knee replacement surgical treatment at Clara Maass that she came ago less than three years later to have the other knee reput.

In Carol"s words...“A concealed gem: that is how I feel about Clara Maass Medical Center. My endure could not have actually been more positive. From my first enrespond to with my surgeon and his staff, to the hospital team that cared for me post-op, to the rehabilitation staff that worked tirelessly through me, it was an A+ suffer in all areas. Yes, it was tough on some days however I was established and also so was the team to help me to recover my energetic way of life. Before my surgeries, it was increasingly even more tough to walk, to exercise, to ski because of the pain. Consequently, the knee replacement surgery was choose a miracle to me. TWICE. Dr. Femino is in a class by himself – a talented surgeon and also a caring humale being who motivated me to reuncover my best and also strongest self. I was out of bed and also walking the initially day of my surgical treatment. And the transitional care unit at Clara Maass is great. I had actually wonderful therapists from start to end up. While it was a challenging endure to get well, I feel blessed and also grateful to all of the civilization who got me right here.”

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Carol Welsch was 60 once she chose to take up skiing, an task she delighted in with her grandkids. After nine years, a couple of injuries and also the degradation of one knee, she found she needed knee replacement surgical treatment.

The West Ovariety mom and also grandmommy chose to go to Frank Femino, M.D., the Medical Director of the Joint & Spine Institute at Clara Maass Medical Center, last loss. She was influenced by her husband also Don’s successful hip replacement percreated by Dr. Femino. Now, complying with knee replacement, Mrs. Welsch feels excellent and also will certainly go back to the ski slopes this winter.

Dr. Femino uses small-incision total knee replacement. He additionally provides state-of-the-art pain management to minimize post-operative pain and also quickly rerevolve patients to active lifestyles. Through Dr. Femino and also his orthopedic team, patients deserve to mean lessened blood loss, reduced pain during rehabilitation, a much shorter hospital stay, and also decreased scarring.

“It’s crucial to me to make certain that eextremely patient becomes a success story,” claims Dr. Femino. “My goal is to acquire patients earlier to doing points they enjoy.”

Dr. Femino, Chief of Orthopedics at CMMC, has actually performed more than 4,000 joint replacement surgeries, mainly of the hip and also knee. His surgery experience arrays from regimen measures to those thought about “high risk” and those hardly ever attempted or compromised by previous surgeries.

Last November, Mrs. Welsch ended up being another among his success stories. Just 24 hrs after surgical procedure, she was walking through minimal assistance and also had the ability to return to work-related in three weeks. She took part in group physical therapy, which influenced and motivated her.

“It feels like a miracle when you endure day-to-day improvement,” Mrs. Welsch shelp. “The experience I had actually via my therapist and those who struggled along with me urged me to succeed.

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” Mrs. Welsch shelp other factors likewise included to her success. She followed exercise tips and read indevelopment gave by Dr. Femino prior to her procedure. She attended a seminar by Dawn Bibbo, RN, MSN, ONC, the Service Line Manager for Orthopedics, available every Tuesday for orthopedic patients to prepare them for surgery.

It has actually been much less than a year because her knee replacement and also Mrs. Welsch said she is virtually back to normal. She no much longer experiences pain or hesitation as soon as walking dvery own a trip of stairs. She newly took a expedition to Oregon through her husband and is planning a ski trip through her granddaughter this winter.

Mrs. Welsch was so pleased with her endure, she wrote a letter around Dr. Femino to Barry H. Ostrowskies, President and CEO of Barnabas Health, and Mary Ellen Clyne, Ph.D., President and also CEO of CMMC. She said, “Dr. Frank Femino is a smart, caring and also skillful medical professional. He serves his patients and his Clara Maass neighborhood with an unswerving commitment to excellence. It is no surpclimb that he has actually earned the respect and admiration of his patients as well as his dedicated staff.”

Recently, she commented around the hospital, “With Clara Maass, you can never say that you didn’t know what to mean. They execute their ideal to minimize a patient’s stress and anxiety through indevelopment and also education and learning. The totality atmosphere at Clara Maass is favor that of a household.”

Carol Welsch

A Letter From Carol

I was 60-years-old when I decided to take up skiing.

Thanks to the superior orthopedic care I received at Clara Maass Medical Center, not even a knee replacement will certainly keep me from enjoying one more winter of ski trips via my grandyoungsters.

That is somepoint I will certainly never forget. I am so grateful.

When confronted through surgical treatment, I looked no better than Clara Maass. I instantly called Dr. Frank Femino, Medical Director of the Joint & Spine Institute tright here. He performed my husband Don’s effective hip replacement and I had complete confidence in him and the remainder of the Clara Maass team.

Just 24 hours after surgery, I was walking with minimal assistance.

My positive experience began prior to I also had surgical treatment. I took advantage of a surgery preparation seminar offered at the hospital and also I was so glad I did! Knowing what to suppose lessened my anxiety and truly aided me with the healing procedure. Group physical therapy after surgical treatment inspired and also encouraged me. The compassionate nursing care was second to none. The entire staff was amazing and each of them encouraged me to succeed.

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