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"Unlocked" is a groundbreaking digital learning website produced for civilization going right into healthcare and also professionals currently working in the field. Building on the success of the "Kings Park" documentary, "Unlocked" attributes a wealth of individual stories through people that have proficient the U.S. psychological healthcare device firsthand also.


The vivid and deeply personal stories at the heart of "Unlocked" have actually not been heard before. Due to the fact that of the power and diversity of these stories, we believe Unlocked has actually the authenticity and breadth of vision to inspire the deep change in worths and also perspectives necessary to realize a healthcare mechanism rooted in principles of recovery.Accounts are common from incredibly various perspectives. Former patients, people of lived suffer, peers, household members, straight care staff, clinicians, administrators, inmates, law enforcement, and also corrections personnel share markedly different realities. Seen together, these varied points of watch provide a review that supports much better knowledge and also open up dialogue. Even the most painful stories sell hope. Because the release of "Kings Park" in 2012, we have actually seen over and over the power of putting a huguy confront on the story of public mental healthtreatment. The response to our screenings nationwide has actually been overwhelmingly positive and also equally passionate in colleges, hospitals, peer institutions, nationwide conferences, jails, provider settings, and advocacy teams. With the aid of a generous give from The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care we have completed a project prototype consisting of: •A sample 2-component Video Curriculum which has including featured videos of individual stories, topic esclaims and also various other teaching resources;•A sample Video Library of viewable and searchable clips of unreduced documentary scenes and interviews; •Streaming accessibility to the documentary "Kings Park: Stories from an Amerihave the right to Mental Institution."We are currently seeking funds to complete the digital finding out site.

Supporter Statement

“Kings Park is a brave, compelling look at the life of a state mental hospital and also those whose lives it has actually touched.

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Lucy Winer has actually believed long and also difficult about the topic, and brings to her film an admirable balance and also depth, unified through sensitivity and also even some humor. A brilliant exploration of a difficult and also facility issue.”- Oliver Sacks, M.D., Best Selling Author & Professor of Neurology, NYU School of Medicine


Lucy Winer and also Nancy Tomes, PhD

LUCY WINER, Producer/Director, has actually been directing and creating award-winning documentaries for over 30 years. Committed throughout her career to worries of social concern, her directing credits incorporate Greetings from Washington D.C., an impressionistic look at the First National March on Washington for Lesbian and also Gay Rights; Rate It X, a critically-acdeclared documentary feature around sexism in America; Silent Pioneers, the first of its kind documentary around lesbian and gay seniors; Positive: Life through HIV, a ground-breaking, four-component public television series; and Golden Threads, an ITVS-funded documentary around the unforgettable, ninety-three-year-old activist and also organizer, Christine Burton. Winer’s job-related has been dispersed theatrically in this nation and also overseas, and broadcast nationally on PBS and cable. Her work-related has been referred to as “intriguing, regularly hair-raising” by the New York Times; “warm, witty and also genuinely touching” by the L.A. Times; “immensely affecting” by the Village Voice; “hilarious” by the Hollywood Reporter; and “developed with humor, insight and irony” by Variety. Her films have actually been featured at countless festivals including Sundance, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Turin, and also screened at the Amerihave the right to Film Institute Theaters in L.A. and also D.C., the Walker Art Institute, the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan and also the New Museum. Her awards encompass “Outstanding Film of the Year” from the London Film Festival, a Golden Plaque from the Chicback Internationwide Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle, and an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Picture.”


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