Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Treasure Chest Locations Ps4

Aaaaaalappropriate, here’s the areas for every one of the prizes in Kingdom Hearts 3DDD. They’re gunna be put up in civilization order, then Sora and Riku’s lists. Let’s get ready to gospirit treasure searching! After this area, tright here will certainly be a details section for Ingredients for your Spirity needs! Scroll on down!


TRAVERSE TOWNSora (34)Ice Dream Cone - first District:On optimal of roof of blue safe area, corner near second District entrancePotion - 1st District:Alley (wright here Sora wakes up in KH1)Confetti Candy - 2nd District:Right side of white buildingBalloon - second District:Roof close to third District entranceHi-Potion - second District:Roof of white buildingVibrant Fantasy - 3rd District:On the verandaBlock-it Chocolate - 3rd District:Nook near the entrance to Merlin’s HouseShield Cookie - fourth District:Near Fountain entranceWater Barrel - fourth District:On a roof to the west, slide from streamer from central tower for basic accessHi-Potion - fourth District:Blue roof northern component of streamer areaIce Dream Cone - fourth District:Base of tower in the middleBalloon - fourth District:Top of middle towerPotion - fourth District:Lower eastern location close to Fountain entrance, bottom of stairsBlock-it Chocolate - 4th District:Near Flick RushPotion - fourth District:Center of map near bbest structureShield Cookie - 5th District:Roof in upper West areaPotion - 5th District:Nook to the EastBlock-it Chocolate - fifth District:North sideRoyal Cake - Garden:Near entranceConfetti Candy - Garden:Middle of map, lower levelRampant Figment - Garden:Upper level on rightDrop-Me-Not - Garden:Upper areaRampant Fantasy - Post Office:Corner near 1st District, Reality Change neededVibrant Fantasy - Article Office:Lower area, Reality Shift neededTroubling Fantasy - Message Office:Westerna lot of nookSpark - Blog post Office:On top of red buildingPaint Gun: Red - Post Office:Above previous Reality Shiftchest in Corner close to first District, usage green railPotion - Blog post Office:Middle of map, beneath red buildingIce Dream Cone - Message Office:Next to purple railingBalloon - Fountain:Near Message Office entrance, about the cornerIntrepid Figment - Fountain:Southeast, facility areaIce Dream Cone - Fountain:Near Article Office underpass in the direction of fountain, on rock buildingRampant Fantasy - Fountain:Next to Article Office entrance, in alley Reality ShiftneededStrike Rhelp - Fountain:On optimal of Fountain close to fourth District entrance

Riku (32)Rampant Fantasy - 1st District:On optimal of blue safe roof, close to second District entrance. Reality ShiftneededPotion - 1st District:Alley, wright here Sora wakes up in KH1Block-it Chocolate - 2nd District:Next off to white building, east sideBalloon - second District:Roof near third District entranceYoggy Ram Recipe - second District:On top of white buildingIce Dream Cone - third District:On the verandaConfetti Candy - 3rd District:Nook close to Merlin’s residence entrancePotion - fourth District:Near Fountain entranceIntrepid Figment - fourth District:Roof of red buildingBalloon - fourth District:Roof of blue structure near North edgeConfetti Candy - fourth District:Tower in middleCandy Goggles - 4th District:Top of middle towerPotion - fourth District:Lower East areaShield Cookie - fourth District:Near Flick RushConfetti Candy - fourth District:Bottom of middle towerTroubling Fantasy - 5th District:Roof on upper West sideHi-Potion - fifth District:Nook to the EastBlock-It Chocolate - 5th District:North sideDrop-Me-Not - Garden:Near 5th District exitRepaint Gun: Green - Garden:Middle of map on bottom levelRoyal Cake - Garden:East side on upper levelHi-Potion - Garden:Northern nookTroubling Fantasy - Back Streets:Top of structure close to 1st District entranceThunder - Back Streets:Top of bridge close to 1st District entrancePotion - Back Streets:Center of map (square part) to WaterwayShield Cookie - Back Streets:Middle of the WaterwayIntrepid Figment - Back Streets:Blue roof in middle dead endPaint Gun: Sky Blue - Back Streets:In WaterwayPotion - Back Streets:Watermethod close to Intrepid Figment chestVibrant Fantasy - Fountain:Near Back Street entrance, Reality ShiftneededIce Dream Cone - Fountain:West of Fountain on rock buildingBlizzard Edge - Fountain:On height of Fountain

LA CITE DES CLOCHESSora (49)Block-it Chocolate -Square: NE, ground levelBalloon -Square: SE, next to stageIce Dream Cone -Square: SW, behind tentsPotion -Square: W, ground levelWater Barrel -Nave: SE, top levelRoyal Cake -Nave: N, upper levelBlock-it Chocolate -Nave: NW, ground level in side roomDrop-Me-Not -Nave: N, ground levelPotion -Nave: E, ground levelDrop-Me-Not -Nave: SW, top level at north endDulcet Figment -Bell Tower: SE, optimal levelDrop-Me-Not -Bell Tower: NE, peak levelBalloon -Bell Tower: NE, middle levelDrop-Me-Not -Bell Tower: N, lower levelSparkra -Town: SW, roof of buildingCandyGoggles -Town: S center, high ledge aoptimal tall buildingLofty Figment -Town: SE, roof of buildingIce Dream Cone -Town: NW, roof of buildingWheeflower Recipe -Town: S center, ground levelConfetti Candy -Town: N center, peak of stairsTroubling Fancy -Town: SW, ledge close to tall buildingShield Cookie -Bridge: S, in southern archPaint Gun: Red -Bridge: N, behind fallen cartBlock-it Chocolate -Bridge: S, next to tentPotion -Bridge: N, in north archConfetti Candy -Outskirts: SE, ground levelNoble Figment -Outskirts: SE, ground levelBalloon -Outskirts: E, ground levelPotion -Outskirts: center, ground levelDrop-Me-Not -Outskirts: N facility, ground levelIce Dream Cone -Graveyard Gate: NE, ground levelDrop-Me-Not -Graveyard Gate: SE, ground levelPotion -Graveyard Gate: NW, ground levelSleepra -Tunnels: SE, hidden room, strike weak wallBlock-it Chocolate 2 -Tunnels: NW, large room, top levelDrop-Me-Not -Tunnels: NE, huge room, upper levelPaint Gun: Purple -Tunnels: NE, big room, reduced levelIce Dream Cone 2 -Tunnels: S facility, tiny dead finish roomNoble Fantasy -Tunnels: N facility, tiny room, reduced levelDrop-Me-Not -Old Graveyard: NE, ground levelWater Barrel -Catacombs: SW, upper ledgeFire Windmill -Catacombs: SW, ground levelToximander Recipe -Catacombs: SE, hidden room, ground levelRoyal Cake -Catacombs: E, upper ledgeDrop-Me-Not -Catacombs: S center, top ledgeShield Cookie -Catacombs: SE, top ledgeThunder Dash -Court of Miracles: NE, upper ledgeHi-Potion -Court of Miracles: W, top ledgeBlock-it Chocolate -Court of Miracles: NW, ground level

Riku (34)Balloon -Square: NE, ground levelShield Cookie - Square: SE, alongside stageConfetti Candy - Square: SW, behind tentsPotion - Square: W, ground levelShield Cookie 2 - Nave: SE, top levelFira - Nave: N, upper levelDrop-Me-Not - Nave: NW, ground level in side roomRampant Figment - Nave: N, ground levelPaint Gun: Yellow - Nave: E, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Nave: SW, top level at north endRoyal Cake - Bell Tower: SE, peak levelDulcet Figment - Bell Tower: NE, height levelDrop-Me-Not - Bell Tower: NE, middle levelDrop-Me-Not - Bell Tower: N, reduced levelBlock-it Chocolate - Town: SW, roof of buildingCandy Goggles - Town: S center, high ledge aoptimal tall buildingWater Barrel - Town: SE, roof of buildingNoble Fantasy - Town: NW, roof of buildingPotion - Town: SW, ledge near tall buildingIce Dream Cone - Town: N facility, optimal of stairsDrop-Me-Not - Town: SW, W of tall structure, ground levelBalloon - Bridge: S, in southern archConfetti Candy 2 - Bridge: N, behind fallen cartConfetti Candy - Bridge: S, next to tentPotion - Bridge: N, in north archShield Cookie - Outskirts: SE, ground levelPotion - Outskirts: SE, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Outskirts: E, ground levelPaint Gun: Purple - Outskirts: center, ground levelConfetti Candy - Outskirts: N center, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate - Windmill: NW, ground levelSliding Crescent - Windmill: SW, top ledgeWater Barrel - Windmill: N facility, ground levelShield Cookie - Windmill: S, ground level

PRANKSTER’S PARADISESora (31)Blizzara - Amusement Park: SW, optimal of towerDrop-Me-Not - Amusement Park: NE, alongside carouselBalloon - Amusement Park: SW, base of towerShield Cookie 2 - Amusement Park: NW, ground levelMalleable Fantasy - Amusement Park: W, on Ferris wheel carPaint Gun: Yellow - Amusement Park: W, under Ferris wheelIce Dream Cone 2 - Amusement Park: E, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate 2 - Amusement Park: center, alongside tube slideHi-Potion - Amusement Park: SE, ground levelCandyGoggles - Amusement Park: W, on Ferris wheel carHi-Potion - Promontory: SW, ground levelWater Barrel - Promontory: NE, upper ledgeIce Dream Cone 2 - Promontory: NE, lower levelBlock-it Chocolate 2 - Windup Way: SW, at entrance, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Windup Way: facility, middle of course, ground levelAerial Slam - Windup Way: center, round room, northeast ledgeRoyal Cake - Windup Way: facility, round room, peak ledgeHi-Potion - Windup Way: NE, ground levelBalloon - Circus: NE, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Circus: NW, ground levelConfetti Candy 2 - Circus: S, ground levelRampant Fancy - Circus: NE, top ledge, above green trampolinePanacea - Ocean Floor: N, ground level, concealed roomLofty Fantasy - Ocean Floor: W center, top ledgePaint Gun: Sky Blue - Ocean Floor: NE, aheight pillarZero Gravira - Ocean Floor: SW, top ledgeRampant Fancy - Ocean Depths: W, ground level, next to vortexCandyGoggles - Ocean Depths: NW, top ledgeRoyal Cake - Ocean Depths: NE, ledge on middle levelTatsu Steed Recipe - Ocean Depths: S, ground level, behind water spoutShield Cookie 2 - Ocean Depths: E facility, large room, top ledge

Riku (22)Ice Dream Cone 2 - Monstro: Mouth: SW, upper ledgeRepaint Gun: Blue - Monstro: Mouth: SE, top ledgeBalloon - Monstro: Mouth: NE, top ledgePanacea - Monstro: Mouth: NW, roof of buildingHi-Potion Monstro: Mouth: SW, ground levelShield Cookie 2 - Monstro: Gullet: W, upper ledgeSir Kyroo Recipe - Monstro: Gullet: N, upper ledgeCharming Fantasy - Monstro: Gullet: SE, upper ledgeMini Monstro: Gullet: E, upper ledgeHi-Potion - Monstro: Gullet: facility, east wall, ground levelShield Cookie 2 - Monstro: Gullet: NE, ground levelCandyGoggles - Monstro: Gullet: N facility, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Monstro: Belly: W, tiny room, ground levelConfetti Candy 2 - Monstro: Belly: N, acid room (inverted)Block-it Chocolate 2 - Monstro: Belly: S, reduced ledgeHi-Potion - Monstro: Belly: SE, ground levelCollision Magnet - Monstro: Belly: N, top ledge (inverted)Confetti Candy 2 - Monstro: Cavity: SE, top ledgeRoyal Cake - Monstro: Cavity: center, ground level (inverted)Water Barrel - Monstro: Cavity: NW, dead end course, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Monstro: Cavity: N, by save suggest, ground levelPanacea - Monstro: Cavity: W, top ledge

THE GRIDSora (42)Drop-Me-Not - City: W, by Docks departure, ground levelTroubling Fancy - City: S facility, top ledgePotion - City: W, ground levelWater Barrel - City: NE, alengthy west rate hill on ledgeBlock-it Chocolate 2 - City: NE, along eastern rate hill on ledgeEaglider Recipe - Docks (upper): W tunnel, top ledgeCandy Goggles - Docks (upper): W tunnel, ground levelRepaint Gun: Babsence - Docks (upper): N, room by elevator, Reality ShiftneededPanacea - Docks (lower): SW, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Docks (lower): facility, ground levelBalloon - Docks (lower): W, ground levelFleeting Figment - Throughput: NW, bigger platcreate, upper ledgeCircle Rhelp -Throughput: SW, top ledgeDulcet Figment - Throughput: E facility, upper ledgeRoyal Cake - Throughput: NW, tiny platdevelop, upper ledgeConfetti Candy - Throughput: SE, upper ledgePotion - Throughput: N center, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate - Bridge: W, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Bridge: E, ground levelConfetti Candy 2 - Solar Sailer: NE, lower levelWondrous Figment - Solar Sailer: SW, lower levelFleeting Figment - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelBalloon - Solar Sailer: E center, middle levelHi-Potion - Solar Sailer: center, eastern side, middle levelPanacea - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelCandy Goggles - Solar Sailer: NW, peak levelBalloonra - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelWater Barrel - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelIce Dream Cone 2 - Rectifier 1F: N, ground levelDrop-Me-Not Rectifier 1F: NE, ground levelPotion - Rectifier 1F: facility, upper ledgePanacea - Rectifier 1F: SW, ground levelShield Cookie - Rectifier 1F: SW, ground levelHi-Potion - Rectifier 1F: SE, hallway to 2F, upper ledgeLofty Fantasy - Rectifier 1F: S center, apeak relocating containerIce Dream Cone - Rectifier 1F: S, ground levelCyber Yog Recipe - Rectifier 2F: NW, concealed hexagon, usage Reality Shiftat north end of initially hexagonShield Cookie 2 - Rectifier 2F: NW, hidden hexagon, use Reality Shiftat north finish of initially hexagonIce Dream Cone - Rectifier 2F: SE, reduced levelPotion - Rectifier 2F: SE, top levelDrop-Me-Not - Rectifier 2F: W, north finish of hexagonRepaint Gun: Eco-friendly - Rectifier 2F: SE, lower level

Riku (45)Confetti Candy - City: W, by Docks exit, ground levelThundara - City: S center, top ledgePotion - City: W, ground levelFleeting Figment - City: NE, along west speed hill on ledgeDrop-Me-Not - City: NE, along eastern speed hill on ledgeConfetti Candy 2 - Docks (upper): W tunnel, upper ledgeCounter Aura - Docks (upper): W tunnel, ground levelShield Cookie - Docks (upper): N, room SW of elevatorDrop-Me-Not - Docks (lower): SW, ground levelPotion - Docks (lower): center, ground levelBalloon - Docks (lower): W, ground levelRoyal Cake - Throughput: NW, bigger platdevelop, upper ledgeWondrous Figment - Throughput: SW, upper ledgeNoble Fantasy - Throughput: E facility, upper ledgeIce Dream Cone 2 - Throughput: NW, small platform, top ledgeShield Cookie - Throughput: SE, upper ledgePotion - Throughput: N center, ground levelPanacea - Bridge: W, ground levelWater Barrel - Bridge: E, ground levelPanacea - Solar Sailer: NE, lower levelTroubling Fancy - Solar Sailer: SW, lower levelWondrous Figment - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelPaint Gun: White - Solar Sailer: E center, middle levelHi-Potion - Solar Sailer: center, eastern side, middle levelDrop-Me-Not - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelCandyGoggles - Solar Sailer: NW, peak levelShield Cookie 2 - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelRoyal Cake - Solar Sailer: NW, middle levelBalloon - Rectifier 1F: N, ground levelHi-Potion - Rectifier 1F: NE, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate Rectifier 1F: facility, upper ledgeBlock-It-Chocolate - Rectifier 1F: W, middleShield Cookie 2 - Rectifier 1F: SW, ground levelPanacea - Rectifier 1F: SW, ground levelPotion - Rectifier 1F: SE, hallway to 2F, top ledgeFleeting Figment - Rectifier 1F: S center, apeak moving containerPeepsta Hoo Recipe - Rectifier 1F: S, ground levelGravity Strike - Rectifier 2F: Rectifier 2F: NW, covert hexagon, usage Reality Shiftat north end of initially hexagonBlock-it Chocolate 2 - Rectifier 2F: Rectifier 2F: NW, covert hexagon, use Reality Shiftat north end of initially hexagonNoble Figment - Rectifier 2F: SE, reduced levelPotion - Rectifier 2F: SE, upper levelConfetti Candy 2 - Rectifier 2F: W, north end of hexagonDrop-Me-Not - Rectifier 2F: SE, lower levelPaint Gun: Black - Portal Stairs: N, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Portal Stairs: facility, ground levelHi-Potion - Portal Stairs: S, ground level

COUNTRY OF THE MUSKETEERSSora (32)Mega-Potion - Grand also Lobby: S, peak levelConfetti Candy 2 - Grand Lobby: SW, ground levelIce Dream Cone x3 - Grand Lobby: NE, balcony, middle levelHi-Potion - Grand Lobby: center, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate 2 - Grand also Lobby: N, height levelDrop-Me-Not - The Opéra: NE, behind statue, ground levelHi-Potion - The Opéra: SW, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate 2 - The Opéra: SE, ground levelMega-Potion - Training Yard: SE, ground levelIce Dream Cone 2 - Training Yard: SW, upper levelPaint Gun: Sky Blue - Training Yard: NW, behind pillar, ground levelFiraga - Tower Road: facility, top ledgeDream Candy - Tower Road: S center, below bridge, ground levelShield Cookie 2 - Tower Road: E facility, upper levelCandyGoggles - Tower: W, inside cage, third levelDrop-Me-Not - Tower: E, behind crates, third levelIce Dream Cone 2 - Tower: N, optimal of round stairs, fifth levelRepaint Gun: Blue - Shore: S center, inside cave, ground levelDream Candy - Shore: NW, north alcove, ground levelConfetti Candy 3 - Theatre: NE, behind curtain, ground levelDulcet Fancy - Theatre: SW, reduced levelFleeting Fantasy - Mont Saint-Michel: SW, behind structures, upper ledgeSparkga - Mont Saint-Michel: SW, courtyard between buildings, ground levelHi-Potion - Mont Saint-Michel: NW, south of save allude, ground levelRoyal Cake - Mont Saint-Michel: NW, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate 3 - Dungeon: SE, inside southeast cell, ground levelSonic Blade - Dungeon: facility, southern of watery room, top ledgeFleeting Fancy - Dungeon: SW, walkmeans, upper ledge (access through breaking cprices in eastern room)Chef Kyroo Recipe - Dungeon: N, concealed room, lower level (break crates to access)Water Barrel - Dungeon: SW, walkmeans, lower levelRoyal Cake - Dungeon: SW, walkmethod, upper ledge (accessibility by means of breaking crates in eastern room)Tornaperform Strike - Cell: center, ground level (access after completing world)

Riku (31)Water Barrel - Grand Lobby: S, optimal levelConfetti Candy 2 - Grand also Lobby: SW, ground levelRoyal Cake - Grand Lobby: NE, balcony, middle levelShadowbreaker - Grand also Lobby: NE, lower level (accessibility via west exit from Machine Room)Mega-Potion - Grand also Lobby: N, peak levelHi-Potion - The Opéra: NW, next to statue, ground levelShield Cookie 2 - The Opéra: NE, grass, ground levelPanacea - The Opéra: SE, ground levelDream Candy - The Opéra: NE, behind statue, ground levelCandyGoggles - Eco-friendly Room: W, surprise room (break door in west hallway)Prickly Fantasy - Eco-friendly Room: W, inside clocollection, south hallmeans (assault apparel to access)Fleeting Fantasy - Environment-friendly Room: W, inside closet, ground levelShield Cookie 3 - Eco-friendly Room: S, balcony, top levelHi-Potion - Green Room: S, south room, ground levelSoptimal - Eco-friendly Room: N, covert room (accessibility via breaking wall eastern of conserve point)Drop-Me-Not - Environment-friendly Room: N, concealed room (access by means of breaking wall east of conserve point)Confetti Candy 3 - Eco-friendly Room: N, hidden room (accessibility through breaking wall east of save point)Blizzaga - Machine Room: SE, covert room, reduced levelDucky Goose Recipe - Machine Room: N, north fifty percent, upper levelIce Dream Cone 2 - Machine Room: facility, southern half, upper levelDrop-Me-Not - Machine Room: NE, ground levelHi-Potion - Machine Room: NW, ground levelMega-Potion - Machine Room: S, southern side, upper levelRoyal Cake - Backstage: N facility, atop towerFleeting Fantasy - Backstage: S center, top ledgeDream Candy - Backstage: center, ground levelStaggerceps - Recipe Backstage: E, upper ledgeDrop-Me-Not - Backstage: SW, ground levelMega-Potion - Backstage: SE, ground levelConfetti Candy 2 - Theatre: NE, behind curtain, ground levelBalloon - Theatre: SW, lower level

SYMPHONY OF SORCERYSora (22)Dream Candy - Tower Entrance: NE, ground levelBlock-it Chocolate 3 - Tower: SW, ground levelElixir - Tower: NE, ground levelGlide - Cloudwalk: S center, atop high cloudIntrepid Fantasy - Cloudwalk: NW, aheight high cloudIce Dream Cone 3 - Cloudwalk: SW, upper ledgeMega-Potion - Cloudwalk: NE, southeast alcove, upper ledgePrism Windmill - Cloudwalk: NE, aheight high cloudPaint Gun: White - Cloudwalk: NE, southeast alcove, apeak high cloudElixir - Cloudwalk: NE, southeastern alcove, apeak high cloudCandyGoggles - Cloudwalk: SW, upper ledgeTornaexecute - Glen: SE, aoptimal high ledgeRoyal Cake - Glen: N center, top ledgeIntrepid Fantasy - Glen: N, upper ledgeIce Dream Cone 3 - Glen: SW, ground level (after preventing wind)Mega-Potion - Glen: S, upper ledge (after stopping wind)Block-it Chocolate 3 - Fields: SW facility, ground levelEpic Fantasy - Fields: SE, dead finish route, ground level (after avoiding storm)Electricorn Recipe - Fields: SE, top ledgeTriple Plasma - Fields: W, dead finish course, ground level (after preventing storm)Panacea - Fields: NE, listed below Reality Shiftgadget, upper ledgeMega-Potion - Fields: E center, ground level

Riku (21)Water Barrel - Tower Entrance: NE, ground levelRoyal Cake - Tower: SW, ground levelDream Candy - Tower: NE, ground levelZero Graviza - Moonlight Wood: NE, corner above Reality Shiftdevice, upper ledgeConfetti Candy 3 - Moonlight Wood: E, ground levelShield Cookie 3 - Moonlight Wood: N center, ground levelRepaint Gun: Green - Moonlight Wood: SE, upper ledgeMega-Potion - Moonlight Wood: N facility, ground levelDrop-Me-Not - Moonlight Wood: W facility, ground levelIntrepid Fancy - Moonlight Wood: E, top ledgeElixir - Golden Wood: W center, aheight huge tree rootIntrepid Fantasy - Golden Wood: NE, apeak huge leaves (access after making use of Reality Shiftdevice)Mega-Potion - Golden Wood: SE, upper ledgeRepaint Gun: Red - Golden Wood: E center, ground levelRyu Dragon Recipe - Golden Wood: NW, aheight huge leaves (accessibility after utilizing Reality Shift device)Ice Barrage - Snowgleam Wood: S, high ledgeCandyGoggles - Snowgleam Wood: S, north end of lake, top ledgeBlock-it Chocolate 3 - Snowgleam Wood: NE, ground level (access after making use of Reality Change device)Ice Dream Cone 3 - Snowgleam Wood: E facility, ground levelDulcet Fancy - Snowgleam Wood: facility, top ledgeConfetti Candy 3 - Snowgleam Wood: SE, ground level

THE WORLD THAT NEVER WASSora (15)Shield Cookie 3 - Avenue to Dreams: E, roof of medium buildingDulcet Fantasy - Avenue to Dreams: SE, roof of shorter buildingSavage Fantasy - Avenue to Dreams: SW center, roof of tall buildingSalvation - Avenue to Dreams: S facility, roof of tall buildingElixir - Avenue to Dreams: NW facility, west of glowing building, ground levelDream Candy - Avenue to Dreams: W, ground levelWater Barrel - Avenue to Dreams: E facility, ground level, ledge aheight stairsDrak Quack Recipe - Avenue to Dreams: N facility, ground levelElixir - Contorted City: facility, reduced levelBlock-it Chocolate 3 - Contorted City: W, ground levelShield Cookie 3 - Contorted City: center, listed below overpass, ground level (after utilizing second Reality Shift)Confetti Candy 3 - Contorted City: SE, ground levelWondrous Fantasy - Contorted City: NE, lower level, ground levelIce Dream Cone 3 - Contorted City: N center, top route, ground levelArs Arcanum - Contorted City: W center, upper ledge (after using initially Reality Shift)

Riku (28)Dream Candy - Delusive Beginning: S, upper ledgeDoubletrip - Delusive Beginning: center, inside main column (accessibility by using Reality Shiftin west room)Curaga - Delusive Beginning: N facility, ground levelElixir - Delusive Beginning: E, ledge within right side of wallElixir - Delusive Beginning: NW, ground levelConfetti Candy 3 - Delusive Beginning: W facility, top ledgeDulcet Fantasy - Delusive Beginning: E, ledge within left side of wallDark Splicer - Delusive Beginning: E, ledge at top of wallDream Candy - Delusive Beginning: N, top ledgeElixir - Delusive Beginning: NW, northeastern ledge, upper levelKeeba Tiger Recipe - Delusive Beginning: NW, northeast ledge, upper levelIce Dream Cone 3 - Walk of Delusions: E, ground level (after utilizing Reality Shift)Drop-Me-Not - Walk of Delusions: W, ground levelLofty Fantasy - Walk of Delusions: center, ground levelSpark Rassist - Fact within Fiction: S facility, top ledgeIntrepid Fancy - Fact within Fiction: center, south end of west course, ground levelRoyal Cake - Fact within Fiction: center, north finish of right path, upper ledgeBlock-it Chocolate 3 - Fact within Fiction: NW, upper ledgeMega-Potion - Fact within Fiction: NE, ground levelBalloon - Fact within Fiction: S facility, ground levelElixir - Fact within Fiction: S center, ground levelElixir - Verge of Chaos: NE, ground levelSkelterwild Recipe - Verge of Chaos: S center, fifth ledge while riding rate track alengthy wallCandyGoggles - Verge of Chaos: S center, second ledge while riding rate track alengthy wallWondrous Fantasy - Verge of Chaos: S facility, fourth ledge while riding rate track along wallPaint Gun: Babsence - Verge of Chaos: SW, ground levelShield Cookie 3 - Verge of Chaos: SE facility, ground levelElixir - Verge of Chaos: SE facility, ground level