Howdy Southwest! My name is Layla Nguyen, and I am honored to say that I am the 2021-2022 Southwest District Governor. This year, some of my objectives are to taracquire the decrease in membership, and job-related on developing even more methods for bonding and also service in the Southwest District. What I intend by that is, I hope to create a stronger committee targeting member loss, membership growth, and producing sources for you men. With Covid-19, it impacted the bond between the Southwest District and also Key Club members. So I hope to occupational through my board to organize more events for you men, and partner more via CKI and Kiwanis. I have many upcoming objectives for this year, and also if you have any questions or comments make certain you reach out! Aside from Key Club, I reap watching movies, hanging out through friends, baking, and cooking! I love having multiple hobbies, bereason I can obtain distracted conveniently. Anyways, I hope to get to recognize you throughout the year, and also I am ecstatic to work-related through and also view what the 2021-2022 district board have the right to accomplish! Stay spicy everyone.

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Hello, Southwest! My name is Shadyn Russo and I have actually the privilege of serving as your 2021-2022 District Bulletin Editor. This year, I will be a Junior at Skyline High School in Arizona making this my fifth year as a part of the Kiwanis family. Last year, I had the honor of serving as the Superstition Lieutenant Governor. With that position, I learned many type of life abilities that I will carry through me now. It was from that position that I decided I wanted to proceed my journey via Key Club and also end up being District Bulletin Editor. With my role as Bulletin Editor, my purposes include making another means of interaction by using the tools and also attributes of Discord, making my Key to the Southwest Publications informational and also inclusive, and make our District Instagram more interenergetic via everyone in the district. Outside of Key Club, I am in Varsity Soccer, Softsphere, and Badminton. I am so excited to serve and also watch what this year it brings. As constantly, Stay Spicy, Southwest!

Shadyn Russo | District Bulletin Editor



Jazmine Garcia

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Greetings Southwest! My name is Jazmine Garcia, and also I'm excited to be your 2021-2022 Membership Growth and also Retention Chair. I am a sophoeven more and also I attend Apollo High School. This year I want to emphasis on collaborating through clubs throughout the district and also listen to pertains to and also difficulties members are having. I likewise would favor to aid clubs gain back on their feet after this hectic previous year and also to aid clubs develop bonds together. Along through volunteering, I love to review, drink coffee, and listen to music (I have actually One Direction's whole discography memorized). I am excited to get to know every one of you and hear your ideas! Stay spicy, Southwest!


Howdy Southwest! My name is Maya Calugaru, and also I am so excited to have the privilege to serve you all as the 2021-2022 Southwest District Secretary-Treasurer. I am presently a Sophomore at Paradise Honors High School. Aside from Key Club, I am in the Student Council, Marching and also Concert Band also, and I am a Varsity Swimmer! This past year, I offered as the Mogollon Rim Lieutenant Governor, and also I dropped in love via the work-related I gained to do for everyone in my division, and I knew that I wanted to additionally that by being your District Secretary-Treasurer. This year, I setup to enhance and refine our approaches of handling and storing our district information and figure out a means to provide financial assistance to our clubs! I look forward to obtaining to know you and your clubs a lot much better, so if you need anypoint at all, please feel free to reach out to me. Stay spicy Southwest!

Maya Calugaru|District Secretary-TreasurerKeyClubSecTreas


Cody Cragun

Hey tbelow, Southwest! My name is Cody Cragun and also I'm excited to say that I'll be serving as the 2021-2022 DCON Chair. This year, I'll be a senior at Rio Rancho High School, however I initially moved below from Daegu, South Korea in 7th grade wbelow I went to school on a military base. Aside from Key Club, I'm also component of our JROTC's Unarmed Drill Team and I'm president of our NHS. Other than that, I write, read pretentious Russian literary works, watch negative TV reflects, listen to Elliott Smith, and also play the piano. I've played for nearly 10 years currently, so I love to compose and also complete whenever before I have the right to. As DCON Chair, my goal is to acquire as many type of world as possible to attfinish and make sure that this year's occasions will certainly be indevelopmental, interactive, and also, a lot of of all, fun for everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting and functioning via so many type of new world in the time of this term. I can't wait to see what this year hregarding sell, and also I understand that it'll be a ton of fun, so, as always, stay spicy Southwest!