Intermediate Accounting Ii Online Course

Build on your learning from Intermediate Accounting I UGBA X421.1 by concentrating on occurring financial statements that plainly and also accurately depict a company's performance. You'll research stockholders' equity, earnings per share, revenue taxes, leases, pensions, revenue and cash flows.

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Prerequisites: Introduction to Financial Accounting UGBA XB102A/XBW102A, Review to Managerial Accounting UGBAXB102B/XBW102B or identical. This course frequently complies with Intermediate Accounting I UGBA X421.1, yet that course is not a prerequiwebsite.

Course Objectives

Account for present and also permanent liabilitiesDetermine stockholders' equity and dilutive revenue per shareAccount for earnings taxes, pensions, leases and also audit changesEvaluate and correctly current cash flowsFully disclose material items in the financial statements

What You Learn

Current liabilities and also contingenciesBonds and long-term notesLeasesCorpoprice taxationIncome tax accountingPension and also post-retirement benefitsShareholders’ equityShare-based compensation and also EPSAccounting alters and also error correctionsStatement of cash flows

How You Learn

Reading assignmentsPowerPoint presentationsHomework-related problemsClass discussionsQuizzesFinal examination

Is This Course Right for Me?This course is geared for audit students that are preparing to take the CPA exam.



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Aug 31, 2021 to Dec 07, 2021 Online
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Course Fee credit (3 units)


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Enroll in this course by its begin date and complete it by its specified finish day. Tright here are no live sessions, yet plenty of avenues to collaboprice through your classmates and instructor.


Aug 31, 2021 to Dec 07, 2021

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3 semester devices


Section Notes

Students should score a 70% or higher on the last exam to pass the course.

TEXTBOOK NOTE: Connect (an online homeoccupational and also finding out monitoring system) is forced for this section. UC Exstress has actually negotiated a discounted one-time price of $100 for CONNECT which gives accessibility for both Intermediate I and also II. This contains access to an digital copy of the textbook, so tbelow is no must purchase the hardcover book unless you favor that. To take advantage of the special price, please wait till the first day of course and use the connect your instructor sends out you.

Section Materials

Textbook (Mandatory) Intermediate Accounting by David Spiceland also and Mark Nelchild and also Wayne Thomas © 2020 McGraw-Hill 10th edition ISBN 1260310175

This course applies to the adhering to programs:

Certificate Program in Accounting

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Required Courses Intermediate Accounting II Electives

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Departpsychological contact: | (510) 642-4231

English Language Proficiency Requirements

All of our courses are taught in English. If English is not your first language, please usage the following test scores as guides in order to be successful:

TOEFL: 90 IELTS Academic Format: 7 DAAD: C1 TEM-4 or TEM-8: Level 70

Note: You do not have to submit test scores.

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Yan Gelman

Yan Gelman, M.B.A., B.S., is an knowledgeable accountancy and finance professional. He holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School at the College of Pennsylvania and a B.S. from UC Haas School of Business. Gelman presently resides in San Francisco, and he is a committed baseround fan, avid traveler, food connoisseur and also a experienced poker player.


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