Integer Argument Expected Got Float, (128, 128, 128), (self.location<0>-1, self.location<1>-1), self.size+1)class Player(object): def __init__(self, name, colour): = name self.colour = colour self.level = 1 self.feed = 0 self.dimension = 2 self.rate = 6 self.area = (SCREEN_SIZE<0>/2, SCREEN_SIZE<1>/2) self.location = self.stopDis = 5 #Stopping distance def render(self, screen):, (128, 128, 128), (self.location<0>-1, self.location<1>-1), self.size+1) #Error below, self.colour, self.location, self.size) #Draw circle

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The third parameter to hregarding be a integral coordinate (tuple (x, y)), yet the outcome of a division (/) is a floationg suggest value.

Use int or round to actors self.area from floating point worths to integral values:, (128, 128, 128), (int(self.location<0>-1), int(self.location<1>-1)), self.size+1)Or do a integral department (//) rather of the floating point department (/), when you calculate self.location:

self.area = (SCREEN_SIZE<0> // 2, SCREEN_SIZE<1> // 2)See additionally Numeric Types.


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