Inspirational Family History Stories

Here’s an motivating example of a quick and simple method to tell your story. Eexceptionally among us is deeply associated to background via our household stories. In fact, trying out your household background story have the right to assist you learn even more about your place in background and also what provides you, you. 

Tell Your Family History Story via Animoto

Were you one of those kids sitting in background course bored to tears? Was the common teenage mantra “what’s this obtained to execute through me?” running via your brain? While the teacher’s lecture might have appeared disassociated, nopoint can have been additionally from the reality. Eincredibly among us is deeply connected to background through our household stories. In reality, exploring your household history story have the right to assist you learn more around your area in history and what provides you, you.

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We all have a story to tell around our place in background and also Animoto

is a straightforward and effective way to tell that family history story. I’ve been sharing my thoughts on developing family background stories on my Genealogy Gems Podcast and in videos on my Genealogy Gems YouTube channel. One of my listeners and viewers, Doug Shirton, has actually enthusiastically embraced the concept of video storyinforming and also recently mutual his video with me.

Doug says “I have actually been wanting to execute a video clip for a lengthy time…Animoto was so easy.” Take a couple of minutes and also get motivated by watching Doug’s video Genealogy Journey; Doug Shirton by clicking here.


I love the elements that Doug wove into his video. Not only did he include individual photographs of himself and his ancestors, yet he also dragged and dropped into his Animoto timeline a full page family members tree chart. Doug provided the “Rustic” video style (among my favorites) which is perfectly suited for his old-timey photos.

He likewise offered music in an imaginative means to tell his household background story. Rather than settling on simply one song, he supplied portions of multiple tracks. This strategy moves the viewer through the emotional levels he was striving to convey.

Adding Music to Your Family History Story

All good movies have actually a soundtrack! Animoto permits you to select from their music library or add your own. Adding music to your family members background video is exceptionally straightforward. To include extra songs, simply click the plus sign under the timeline. Animoto’s “modify song and also pacing” attribute renders it easy to get everything to fit perfectly.

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MUSIC SEARCH TIP: In addition to being able to upload your own songs, Animoto’s robust music library is brimming through songs that will aid you hit simply the right note. In enhancement to the filter boxes, don’t miss the handy search area at the incredibly bottom of the list of filters. Get in a keyword to suit your mood and then scroll earlier as much as the top of the page to pick from the outcomes.

Choosing the Focus of Your Family History Story

Family trees are exceptionally far-getting to indeed. So many straight line and also collateral lines, often covering the globe. Doug was wise to choose one family background story within his tree: his Ontario, Canada pioneer ancestors.

Focusing on a specific line of your family members, or a solitary story renders developing your video more controlled for you and also, frankly, even more enjoyable to watch for your viewer. Keeping your video reasonably short is additionally a good concept. Doug’s is just 4 minutes and I recommend going no much longer than five. This is particularly important once you plan to share it on social media wright here attention-spans are short.

Family History Story Ideas

Here are a few ideas of stories you can explore:

The story of your many current immigive ancestorA family history story that runs via your family tree, such as three generations of musiciansHow among your ancestral households endured a herbal disaster choose the Johnston Flood or the Great San Francisco EarthquakeThe background of a very first name that was supplied over multiple generations in your family

The idea below is to select a family history story that is short, thematic, and also compelling to watch.

Need More Ideas?

Visit my How to Create Family History Videos page for more ideas and also step-by-step instructions for videos via Animoto, There’s no better time than currently to tell your story! We would love for you to share your family members background story video on our Facebook web page.

Here’s the book that will certainly assist you cultivate and record your story: Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your Legacy.

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