In A Broken Dream Lyrics

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John from Crete, GreeceCould have sworn I heard Stewart say in an intersee once that he received a bideal red leather jacket for recording the vocal for this song. Anyone else remember that?Old Hippy Git from Crete, GreeceI assumed I heard Stewart say in an intersee when that it was a brightly coloured leather jacket that he was passist through for recording this song. Anyone else remember that?Robert from LondonCan anyone tell me the name of the guitarist that plays the crucial section? Not simply the band also member. I seem to remember a rumour of it being Jeff Beck, true or not. And yes one of the finest records ever before taped. Masterful voice of a young Rod.Elie from London, -this song is unbelievable the music together with rods vocals really collection a distinct mood unexplained in a ny various other song befor it or afterwatch more comments
That"ll Be The DayBuddy Holly

Buddy Holly acquired the title for his hit song "That"ll Be The Day" from a phrase John Wayne said in his movie "The Searchers.

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Run To YouBryan Adams

"Run To You" by Bryan Adams was written for Blue Oyster Cult, and also the guitar component is modeled after "Don"t Fear The Reaper." BOC turned it dvery own, so Adams taped it for his album Reckless.

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Heartbreak HotelElvis Presley

The lyrics to "Heartbreak Hotel" were created by a steel guitar player that was as soon as a dishwasher repairmale. He was motivated by a newspaper story around a man that killed himself and left behind a note saying just, "I walk a lonely street."

It"s So EasyBuddy Holly

It really was so straightforward for Linda Ronstadt to score a hit through her Buddy Holly cover of "It"s So Easy." She would periodically change the lyric to: "It"s so basic to have actually a hit, all you have to do is recycle it."

Coming HomeDiddy - Dirty Money

"Coming Home" by Diddy - Dirty Money was initially icreated for for T.I., who was obtaining out of prichild at the time.

NastyJanet Jackchild

Janet Jackchild created the lyric to "Nasty" in response to random males calling her "baby."

Sarah BrightmanSongwriter Interviews

One of the a lot of well-known classical vocalists in the land is lining up a pilgrimage to room, which is the impetus for many type of of her songs.

Eric ClaptonFact or Fiction

Did Eric Clapton really write "Cocaine" while on cocaine? This question and also even more in the Clapton edition of Fact or Fiction.

Director Nick Morris ("The Final Countdown")Track Writing

Nick made some of the best videos on MTV, consisting of "The Final Countdvery own," "Heaven" and "Don"t Know What You Got (Till It"s Gone)."

Ralph Casale - Session ProSongwriter Interviews

A peak New York studio musician, Ralph played guitar on many type of "60s hits, including "Lightnin" Strikes," "A Lover"s Concerto" and "I Am A Rock."

Goodbye, Hello: Ten Farewell Tour Fake-OutsSong Writing

The 10 biggest "retirement tours" that didn"t take.

Eagles Lyrics QuizMusic Quiz

Lots of life lessons in these Eagles lyrics - can you enhance them to the correct song?