I have a dream bulletin board

Take a look at our favorite bulletin boards, classroom doors, art projects, writing prompts and also even more for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month.

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Use these ideas to celebrate the heritage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and also the myriad achievements of Babsence Americans in your classroom throughout Babsence History Month and also throughout the year.

1. Placed together an inspirational "I Have a Dream" bulletin board.

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2. Take a page out of

Visit the Southeast Anchor Library this day, 1/11, and also tomorrow, 1/12, to add a quote or drawing to the mural. #atthepratt we honor Dr. King. Let us know—what do you execute #atthepratt? #mlkday #prattlibrary #mdlibraries #librariesofinstagram #mybmore #librariestranscreate #librariesrock

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3. Ask students: What"s your dream?


4. Check out a variation on the original: a "We Have a Dream" hallmeans screen.


5. A character-concentrated and diverse screen renders for a thought-provoking classroom door.


6. Asauthorize an imaginative writing exercise like this one from

We are doing blackout poeattempt in my class for MLK Day making use of his renowned “I have actually a dream” speech. Student didn’t rather understand what I wanted them to carry out, so I went step by action via them and also here is my end up product. I can’t wait to watch their poems and also imagery.