I Dream of Jeannie is a TV program that showed up on TV in 1965 on NBC. I Dream of Jeannie ended in 1970.

I Dream of Jeannie aired for 5 seasons and 139 episodes. It functions Sidney Sheldon, and also Claudio Guzmán as producer, Ricdifficult Wess as theme composer, Hugo Montenegro, Ricdifficult Wess, and also Nelchild Riddle; Van Alexander; Sonny Burke as composer, and Lothrop Worth as head of cinematography. I Dream of Jeannie is executive developed by Sidney Sheldon (1967-70). I Dream of Jeannie is created by Sidney Sheldon.

I Dream of Jeannie is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of I Dream of Jeannie is 25 minutes lengthy. I Dream of Jeannie is created by Sidney Sheldon, and also Display Gems and spread by Screen Gems. Spinoffs for this display encompass I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteenager Years Later; I Still Dream of Jeannie.

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The cast includes: Barbara Eden as Jeannie, Larry Hagguy as Major Nelchild, Larry Hagmale as Nelkid, Bill Daily as Major Healey, and also Emmaline Henry as Amanda Bellows.

I Dream of Jeannie Quotes

Barbara Eden as Jeannie

(Unnamed) "How many bedrooms perform you have?" (Barbara Eden) "How many type of would you like?" (Barbara Eden) "I would certainly not be going out with your finest friend if I were married to his best frifinish." (Officer Anderson) "You know, this is a one means street." (Barbara Eden) "I was only going one method." (Barbara Eden) "All I execute is think and also blink." (Barbara Eden) "Master is footsphere more essential to you than I am?" (Larry Hagman) "Of course not, that"s choose comparing oarrays and also lemons." (Barbara Eden) "And I"m the lemon." (Barbara Eden) "How need to I punish him? Should I provide him fatality of a thousand itches." (Bill Daily) "How around scratches?" (Barbara Eden) "Itches are a lot worse." (Barbara Eden) "Let me view now. A 6 letter word for rat. M-A-S-T-E-R."

Larry Hagguy as Major Nelkid

(Larry Hagman) "Jeannie"s turned against me." (Bill Daily) "She can not rotate against you.

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Your her grasp. She regarding obey you." (Larry Hagman) "Yeah, that states so?" (Bill Daily) "I don"t know, possibly it"s in the genie manual." (Larry Hagman) "Then exactly how come she"s deliberately disobeyed me?" (Bill Daily) "Maybe she wasn"t issued a genie hand-operated." (Larry Hagman) "Jeannie, I never before kbrand-new how much you expected to me until this happened. I"m never before going to let you out of my sight again. Look, I also lugged you flowers. Once I gain you out of tright here, I"m going to take you out to dinner -- the best candle lit dinner --" (Col. Alfred E. Bellows, MD) "A candle lit dinner --" (Larry Hagman) "I can define, sir." (Col. Alfred E. Bellows, MD) "Being in love through a safe, they haven"t acquired a name for that one." (Larry Hagman) "How are points going?" (Barbara Eden) "Dreadful. I have to make dinner; I mean actually make it without magic. We are liable to die." (Blue Djinn) "How does thou wish to die?" (Larry Hagman) "Of old age."

Emmaline Henry as Amanda Bellows

(Emmaline Henry) "Oh, it"s wonderful. Alfred, just how come we never before execute anything favor this?" (Col. Alfred E. Bellows, MD) "Amanda, I spend fifty percent my life curing human being that execute things choose this."

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