Human geography online course

Explore how humans have construed, used, and also readjusted the surchallenge of Planet. You’ll use the tools and also reasoning procedures of geographers to research fads of huguy populace, migration, and land use.

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Connecting geographical concepts and procedures to real-life scenarios

Understanding information presented in maps, tables, charts, graphs, infographics, images, and also landscapes

Seeing trends and trends in data and in visual resources such as maps and illustration conclusions from them

Understanding spatial relationships using geographic scales

About the Units

The course content outlined below is organized into frequently taught systems of examine that administer one feasible sequence for the course. Your teacher might select to organize the course content differently based on neighborhood priorities and also preferences.

Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

You’ll learn around the devices and also methods geographers usage in their study of areas.

Topics might include:

Different forms of maps and also what they tell youHow geographers collect and also usage dataSpatial relationships and also patternsData analysis at various scales (for instance, global, nationwide, local)How geographers specify regions

Unit 2: Population and Migration Patterns and also Processes

You’ll discover the patterns associated through humale populaces.

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Topics might include:

Population density and also just how it affects culture and the environmentTheories of populace growth and also declinePopulation and immigration plans and also their effectsThe reasons and also impacts of migration

Unit 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes

You’ll emphasis on just how and also why language, faith, and various other cultural practices spcheck out over area and also time.

Topics may include:

The different methods that cultural techniques spreadHistorical forces, such as colonialism and also profession, that affect social patternsModern pressures, such as globalization, that impact social patternsWhy different religious beliefs spcheck out in various ways

Unit 4: Political Patterns and Processes

You’ll develop on your understanding of populations and also cultural fads as you learn about the political company of the people.

Topics might include:

Types of political entities such as nations and also nation-statesThe ideas and also forces that shaped the political boundaries of the contemporary worldForms of government such as unitary states and also federal statesThe determinants that result in states breaking apart

Unit 5: Agriculture and also Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes

You’ll learn wright here human beings initially developed agriculture and how farming techniques spreview throughout the world.

Topics may include:

How physical location impacts farming practicesThe beginnings and also spread of agricultureThe Environment-friendly RevolutionHow farming methods impact the setting and also society

Unit 6: Cities and also Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes

You’ll explore the origins and impacts of urbanization, researching cities throughout the human being and the duty of those cities in globalization.

Topics may include:

The determinants that drive the development of cities and suburbsGlobalization and citiesCity infrastructureUrban style efforts and also practices

Unit 7: Industrial and Economic Advancement Patterns and Processes

You’ll study the origins and influences of industrialization, together with the duty industrialization plays in economic advancement.

Topics might include:

The Industrial RevolutionEconomic sectors and patternsHow economic development affects the roles of womenTrade and also the world economy

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