How To Reduce Crime Essay

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Model IELTS Esstates - Reducing Crime

IELTS esstates can be on a range of topics, and this composing sample is about reducing crime.

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Just like the previous essay, tright here are two opinions, and you need to discuss each one and your opinion have to also be given.

In the previous essay, the writers opinion was given in the conclusion.

In this one, a sepaprice body paragraph discusses the writers opinion.

If you carry out this thought you have to be exceptionally careful not to simply repeat what you have said in a previous paragraph into the third paragraph.

It has to be somepoint brand-new.

IELTS Esclaims - Reducing Crime

You need to spfinish about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the complying with topic:

Some world think that the ideal way to mitigate crime is to offer much longer prison sentences. Others, yet, believe there are much better different methods of reducing crime.

Discuss both views and also give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and also include any type of relevantexamples from your very own suffer or expertise.

Write at least 250 words.

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IELTS Essays - Model Answer

Crime is a significant and thriving trouble in most societies. Although many kind of people believe that the ideal method to tackle this is to place human being in prichild for much longer durations, others are of the opinion that other procedures will be even more reliable.

Tbelow are benefits of giving offenders longer prichild sentences. Firstly, spending a lengthy time in prikid offers an opportunity for the prichild solutions to rehabilitate a prisoner. For instance, someone that has committed a significant offence such as assault will certainly need a long time in priboy in order to be sure they have the right to be re-educated not to re-offend. In addition to this, much longer prison sentences will certainly act as a deterrent for someone that is thinking of committing a crime.

However, some world argue that leaving civilization in prikid for a long time suggests that they will mix through other criminals and also so their character will not enhance. One alternate is community company. This offers an offender the opportunity to offer something positive back to society, and also so it may improve their character. Also, the government can emphasis its resources on the reasons of crime, which would lead to less crime in the future.

In my opinion, it is vital to look at different methods. Many type of countries have lengthy priboy sentences, however crime has actually ongoing to boost throughout the world, so it is clear that this is not completely efficient. That shelp, long prikid sentences need to remain for those that commit serious crimes such as assault or murder, as justice for the victim and also their family members need to take priority.

To conclude, tright here are good arguments for and also versus long sentences, so federal governments have to proceed to research study the miscellaneous techniques of crime reduction to encertain efficient policies are in area.

(290 words)

Improve your Crime Vocabulary


The writer of this essay has actually produced a well balanced and also coherent piece of writing.

They plainly answer the question. The first body paragraph is dedicated to stating the merits of lengthy sentences, and also the second body looks at alternate techniques. Finally, the writer gives their own opinion on the worry.

Very crucial for IELTS esclaims, each paragraph has a clear central topic which is broadened upon in the sustaining sentences.

Regarding grammar, the writer has successfully demonstrated their capacity to usage a mix of sentence frameworks, including a selection of facility sentences (although... someone that... in order to... suggests that... which would...).

Ideas are coherently presented by making use of change words (Firstly,... For example,... In enhancement to this,... However before, .... In my opinion,... To conclude,...)..

It is vital in IELTS esclaims to have good topic related vocabulary in order to attain a higher score, and also this is evident in this piece of occupational (re-offend... rehabilitate... re-educated... deterrent... committing a crime...)..

Also of prestige through regards to vocabulary is to differ your word choices and not to repeat the same word. This can be done by making use of synonyms, as the writer has actually done via the word different 'ways', making use of variations of this (methods... steps...).