Horror Stories And Halloween Scares

With Halloween simply around the edge, it"s time to delve into the dark, the eerie, and the unsettling. What better time to celebprice the scariest holiday of the year other than 12 am on a chilly night?

Below are a handful of unsettling stories, some true, some fabricated. If you haven"t been scared yet, it"s time to obtain rolling. Grab a blanket and a hot drink and dive into these deliciously spooky stories, and also hope a monster does not grab your feet!

1. Two sentence horror story

This brief gem originates from Reddit user AtomFarmer:

I finally found my wife the kidney she needed

It took forever to track dvery own everyone she’d donated organs to after the crash.

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2. Mom averts danger

Forobtain monsters, world are terrifying. This camping story from Reddit user Morenapkinspls will certainly solidify that:

I"ve posted this on my various other account. Copying and pasting it right here.

The scariest point i"ve had actually happen while camping.

So I live in eastern Oregon, and also my mommy resides in western Oregon. I went to visit her for the summer and also she"s exceptionally outdoorsy so we decided to take the 1 hour drive from her city to the coastline. We end up at this free camp site at the top of this hill (huge foot hills of the coastal hills, about a 25 minute drive from the height where the campwebsite is to the bottom where the main road was) and we were the just campers tright here.

We tranquil for the rest of the day, made food, and so on. A truck complete of guys drive up the hill and talk via my mom (idk what about, wasn"t suspicious at the time) and they leave us.

Fast forward to the middle of the night. I wake up to my mommy sitting directly up in the tent. I wake easily so i heard her gasp and also it woke me. As soon as she experienced i was awake she put her hand also over my mouth bereason I was founding to ask her what"s wrong. It was dead silent and every one of a sudden you hear footprocedures RIGHT next to the tent. The little bit flap that covers the zipper was even moving.

Thanktotally my mother has actually quick wits and also sassist very loudly, "Kenny grab the gun"

Kenny is my dad, although that doesn"t issue, and mind you he was not tbelow, simply us girls choose i previously sassist.

They left. No harm was done. Thank the lord for my momma.

TL;DR: Two girls at a campwebsite alone, human being external tent in the middle of the night & my mother pulled some badassery.

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3. Ouija board knocks back

Reddit user ExcrementCranium wrote:

In high institution my friends and I were messing roughly through a Ouija board one night. We had actually done it before and nothing remarkable had ever taken place. We normally did it to attempt and also scare each various other or are girlfriends. We all thought it was a joke. That night tbelow was no one else residence other than the 7 of us and we were all together about the board. One of the girls tbelow wanted to attempt it. She had actually never before done it prior to.

This time was various. The board misspelled some of the words the same method eextremely time. It gave answers that appeared really historically precise for our tvery own (things we neither knew or cared about). Long story brief, the “spirit” declared it was a 10 year old boy who had actually passed away on the property in the 1800s and also was hidden tbelow as well in an unmarked grave (my friends residence was on a farm in the edge of town). We were all a tiny freaked out bereason the board had actually never before been so comprehensive and also continuous. However, we were still skeptical and also we were all assuming among us was trying to scare the remainder.

Finally, my friend asked if the spirit could carry out something to prove he was there via us. It went to Yes and also then spelled out k-n-o-c-k. Then the planchette quit relocating. We just all stared at it silently and also then there was a rap-rap-rap on the window ideal next to us. The lights were on external and there was absolutely no one out tbelow.

We never touched that f-ing board again.

4. Forobtained memory

Redditor Call_Me_Egg common this horrific tale:

Growing up, my bedroom was the only one that challenged the front of the house/street. When I was about 8 or 9, I woke approximately my dad calmly yet firmly telling me to gain up, go in the bathroom, and shut the door. I was annoyed because I was fifty percent asleep, yet I listened. Apparently I was more exhausted than I realized, because I feel asleep on the bathroom floor. The following morning I asked my mother what occurred. She appeared oblivious and confused. I looked at my dad favor she was crazy, and also I asked him why he had actually woken me up. He denied doing it. I was ending up being frustrated to the point of tears, but I eventually let it go.

Rapid forward to college. I was residence one break, and also I made a decision to ask again. I had believed of that night off and also on for years, and it still bothered me. This time, my dad goes, "Ha! I was wondering if you also remembered that." Turns out that many homes on our block were being vandalized and robbed all those years back. Someone had actually broken into the garage and also was inside the house. My room was partially over the garage. My dad heard it happen and also quietly got me to safety and security. Police were dubbed, the man ran. He was never before captured, but, and also my parental fees didn"t desire a terrified child on their hands, so for years they pretfinished favor nothing had actually ever before taken place. It wasn"t superorganic, however it was unsettling for certain.

5. A Clockoccupational Orange-style break in

This story originates from Reddit user Joshsecond:

Not to me, yet to my sister.

Her husband and her had actually just had their initially son a few months prior. My brother in law was working the graveyard transition at his job as my sister continued to be house taking care of my nephew. Around 2am, she heard loud knocking on her earlier door. She went to go inspect it out and saw a lady banging on the door asking for my sister to let her in. The lady told my sister that her husband also had actually just beat her down the street and was searching for her. My sister was skeptical to let her in since she had a newborn in the house and also didn"t want to interfere. She told the lady that the best she might execute was call the police for her. The lady told my sister to not call the police and to let her in. This is wbelow my sister acquired suspicious. She checked out get her phone and also called 911. When she went earlier to the door, the lady was gone. The police arrived a couple of minutes later and they told my sister that the same instance happened a few highways dvery own. Apparently the couple would execute this act to acquire right into peoples homes.

I"m certain this is very widespread yet having it almost happen to my sister and my nephew just creeps me out. Some actual Clockoccupational Oselection shit.

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6. Phantom alarms

Reddit user 666_numberofthebeastern mutual this story around strange events in their dad"s home:

When I remained in high institution, I had a lot of these experiences.

At the house my dad lived in at the time (it was really old, developed in the early 1800s) tbelow were plenty of times I"d be sitting in the living room and DISTINCTLY hear the cabinets opening and closing in the kitchen. It was just me and my dad that lived in the residence, and you might clearly view as soon as his bedroom door was shut and he was asleep, but still hear it.

Typically my dad worked 7-3 however periodically worked a pm or overnight change. One night he was working until 11, I was 17 at the time. Around 8 or so, I"m sitting in my room playing Borderlands, and think I hear footprocedures coming from the living room (which was nearby to my bedroom) and assume my dads home early. Go back to playing Borderlands.

I keep hearing the measures so I pause the game and also listen, and also the footmeasures are just slowly pacing ago and forth between the living room and the kitchen, in a stable rhythm. I lassist in bed scared shitmuch less, and actually counted the measures. Eincredibly time it took 15 paces to the living room, 15 earlier to the kitchen.

Needmuch less to say I did not fucking sleep that night.

Had another case at my mom"s home, about 2 years prior to this, out of nowright here my alarm clock would certainly go off at midnight every night. I assumed it was busted and also removed it.

Quick forward 2 years, my mommy gets an additional, brand also new alarm clock for my room (also when I was 17). Suddenly, alarm goes off at midnight. I thought nopoint of it, turned it off. Happened again the next night, and then my sister Pointed out the old one I had actually that did it. So I checked and made SURE no alarms were collection, double checked at 11:56.

Sure enough, 4 minutes later on my alarm goes off. Freaked out I threw it out. That next night was my dad"s night to have me, I had a buddy of mine over and my dad was working that night.

He left for job-related roughly 2am, and my friend had lugged over an iPod dock to listen to music on. Didn"t have actually the clock collection or anything, my friend kbrand-new nothing of the last couple nights so I knew he wasn"t just fucking through me. So about 2 minutes after my dad leaves, we hear an alarm clock coming from my room...I went in, and you recognize just how if you simply plug in a clock without setting it, the numbers just battach on and off? Well it was doing that, as quickly as I picked it up, the clock collection itself to 12:00 and then simply turned off by itself.

So...yeah, fuck paranormal shit. I"m not religious at all but I am 100% encouraged that it happens.

7. Mom"s scary boyfriend

Reddit user aett noticed that their mom"s boyfriend was pretty weird, but one cold night they had an especially poor feeling:

About 5 years back, my mother began dating a man she met on a dating website. That part is fine - I had newly started dating the woguy that would later end up being my wife and we had actually met digital (I"ll just describe her as my wife for this story). Anyway, my wife and also I never really favored this guy. We didn"t think he was intend or anypoint prefer that, just a little creepy - he was quiet, he retained his eyes closed a lot, and also periodically sassist odd points prefer supplying my wife a cacao and then popping one in his mouth, closing his eyes, and moaning as he let it melt in his mouth. One time my wife and also I were visiting my mom however she got dubbed into occupational, so we waited at her residence. Her boyfrifinish was over but he invested the entire a number of hrs just hanging out in her bedroom via the door closed.

Just before Christmas, my mother and this man began having some difficulties. My wife and also I were visiting her for the holidays and also she dropped every one of her troubles on us and also we listened closely and also told her our opinions and also said that she would be much better off without him. She already had actually her mind made up, though, and determined to break up via him... on Christmas Eve.

We invested the night at my mom"s and got up early on Christmas morning to visit my dad at his house. We didn"t arrangement to spend the night at my dad"s, but we acquired snowed in, which was actually a nice Christmas surprise.

The following day we left as quickly as we could acquire via the snow and my wife suggested that we speak by my mom"s home on the way so that we could see if she was okay. My wife simply had a really bad feeling about my mom"s now-ex-boyfrifinish.

My mom"s car remained in the drivemeans, however that doesn"t mean a lot bereason she resides cshed enough to occupational that she frequently walks and it hadn"t snowed in her tvery own. She likewise never before locks her door, which drives me crazy, so we let ourselves in. That"s once we check out blood OOZING out of the refrigerator"s water dispenser. It had filled up the spill container and also was leaking onto the floor and had actually made a puddle. My wife screamed and also I freaked out. I totally meant to watch my mom"s head in the freezer.

I nervously opened up the freezer to discover... a bag of frozen cherries that had been opened up, crammed into the freezer so that it fell onto the ice dispenser, and also melted.

tl;dr Thought my mom was decapitated by her creepy ex-boyfrifinish.

8. She heard it via the wall

This haunted story comes from Reddit user GoatbustersBM:

Four years earlier , I lived in a really huge farm residence , that was converted right into 2 apartments. The residence was recognized as the ""old boys home"". It was used to residence boys via behavioral concerns however was closed due to allegations of moleterminal. Anyway , I was living via my boyfrifinish and three year old daughter at the moment. My bedroom had a huge firelocation that had been boarded up and also painted over. I made a decision to push my bed up against it sooner or later while I was rearranging things , It was prefer a headboard. That night , about 1 am I had actually heard a tiny voice saying "mother , mommy , mommy". I had sat up in bed but didn"t view anything so I got to over my boyfriend trying to grab down to grab my daughter and put her in our bed. I preserved feeling around and also I was still hearing the voice yet I couldn"t feel her. My boyfriend woke up and turned the bedside lamp on asking me "" What the hell are you doing "". I described that Amelia was trying to acquire in our bed and also I was getting to for her. There was nobody there. My daughter was sound asleep in her room. Then the next night came. Around 1 am aget my dog had started to wimper at out door so my boyfriend obtained as much as take him external. You know that feeling in a bed once someone lies dvery own next to you? Where the bed pushes in and also tbelow is a warmth in your back? I felt that , So I assumed my boyfriend had come back to bed. I rolled over , my boyfrifinish wasn"t in the bed and I felt the fucking bed release press , whatever before was laying alongside me has actually acquired up in that second. I moved my bed the following day to the various other side of the room and also I never before had actually one more occurrence in the two years I stayed in that home.