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Week 1: Histology


Welcome to this fairtradeexpo.org University course on histology. This course is designed for students studying human biology at school or university, medical laboratory scientists and anyone interested in biomedical scientific research.

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Histology is the examine of tworries and their framework, and also histopathology labs are found in many hospitals. In the course you will see a histology department in activity and also discover how histological slides are produced.

Watch the complying with video in which David Male explains what you’ll be discovering about over the following four weeks.

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Hello, I"m David Male and also welcome to this course on histology and histopathology, the examine of tconcerns and conditions underneath the microscope. In the first part of the course, we are going to introduce you to microscopy and teach you exactly how to use a microscope. A lot of what we will perform is taught via a digital microscope which emulates many of the functions of a real microscope.
We have actually a very huge repertoire of tissue sections, which we"ve obtained from various colleges and also hospital departments, reflecting both normal structures and illness frameworks. We"ll be reflecting you what happens in histopathology department in a hospital, too. Then we"ll be mirroring you just how to calibrate a microscope and also achieve images from it.
Afterwards, we"ll show you how to study blood smears and to carry out a differential leukocyte count. Leukocytes are white blood cells and they"re affiliated in defense and also combating infection in the body.
By the finish of the week, you need to be confident in utilizing a microscope, understanding how the controls work-related, and be able to recognise the different types of cell in a blood smear, and also whether they are normal or abnormal.

David has been a Professor of Biology at the OU given that 1999, and has actually a specific interest in the usage of modern technology for teaching scientific research. You will have actually a chance to suffer one such approach in the time of the course, by utilizing a virtual microscope to study a variety of bioclinical samples, simply as researchers and clinical specialists would check out such samples in a lab.

Before you begin, The fairtradeexpo.org College would certainly really appreciate a few minutes of your time to tell us around yourself and also your expectations of the course. Your input will help to further boost the online learning endure. If you’d favor to aid, and also if you haven"t done so currently, please fill in this optional survey .