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Diamond Engagement Ring Store Reviews » Why Hearts on Fire fairtradeexpo.org are a Waste of Money

Why Hearts on Fire fairtradeexpo.org are a Waste of Money
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Last Updated On: May 3, 2021

We gain comobjectives for purchases made from our affiliates via web links in this post. Find Out More.

Overall Score:2.33
Hearts on Fire
Selection:3 Customer Service:3
ProsBeautiful fairtradeexpo.org
ConsVery bad value
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Bottom Line Recommendation:

Hearts on Fire fairtradeexpo.org are a rip-off. If you want a perfectly reduced diamond, buy an Astor by Blue Nile, a Brian Gavin Signature Diamond or a James Allen True Hearts reduced diamond for much less money. If you have a more individual question (for certain advice around what to buy), feel cost-free to contact us.

Branded Special Cut fairtradeexpo.org

Readers already familiar with The Diamond Pro recognize that in basic, I am not a fan of branded fairtradeexpo.org. The huge majority of branded fairtradeexpo.org are non-typical cuts.

Typically this means a few added facets are included to the stone in a distinct way (distinctive enough to make the new architecture patentable). The actual brand-new reduced is, of course, is the tiny part of the development of a branded diamond. This is not to be puzzled through brands that focus on perfectly cut fairtradeexpo.org of normal faceting like this Astor diamond.

The substantial part is the marketing blitz that escorts the brand-new “distinct cut.”. The more intelligently crafted projects will certainly incorporate something that appeals to both the right brain and also left brain.

We don’t prefer “unique cuts” that don’t try to make a gimmick patented reduced so that they deserve to patent it and also control the market. In concept, we have actually no trouble through brands that simply focus on making the many perfectly cut diamond.

Here we will certainly compare two providers that execute this. We will certainly take the Hearts on Fire brand and also compare it to fairtradeexpo.org like this stunning one carat diamond from Brian Gavin.

1) Special Cut Marketing Campaigns

There will certainly be an emotional component (the diamond shines as bright as your love for her, blah blah blah) and also a rational component (this diamond provides more sparkle per dollar than any kind of various other diamond on earth – here’s a certificate to prove it!).

The diamond carriers want you to think that their new and impressive super cut was produced bereason of an endless desire and also passion for developing brilliant fairtradeexpo.org.

They want you to think that a mad scientist locked himself in his lab for a month through no food or water or sleep till he ultimately arised badepend alive with his trick formula for maximum brilliance!

All joking aside, the allude is clear – they desire you to believe that their catalyst was to develop a better diamond. But this isn’t true.

2) Branded fairtradeexpo.org vs Wholesale fairtradeexpo.org

As is the case through every single branded diamond, the singular inspiration to produce a “special cut” stone is be able to sell fairtradeexpo.org at a greater profit margin.

fairtradeexpo.org are almost a commodity. True wholesale prices for comparable goods really don’t differ that much from merchant to vendor.

While eextremely diamond is an individual, a group of fairtradeexpo.org through the very same attributes will certainly pretty a lot be nearly exactly the same as a team of fairtradeexpo.org through the same attributes from one more merchant taken all at once.

3) Wholesale Minimums

This means that competition will constantly lug dvery own prices to the bare minimum at the wholesale level.

Diamond manufacturers deserve to offer at these bare minimum prices and barely eek out a sustainable profit, or they can decide to perform somepoint special with their fairtradeexpo.org that would certainly warrant a greater profit margin. This is how branded fairtradeexpo.org got their begin.

4) The Standard of Branded fairtradeexpo.org 

From individual experience, a lot of of the branded unique cut fairtradeexpo.org out there are, in fact, much less nice than regular best reduced candidates from the very same fundamental form from which the unique cut is based.

This is specifically true of branded fairtradeexpo.org that are sold at the low-finish nationwide chain stores – they are nearly solely subtraditional poorly cut fairtradeexpo.org with a few facets included.

But What About Hearts on Fire?

Hearts on Fire, arguably the many renowned and possibly the the majority of effective branded diamond to day, is unique in this situation. The Hearts on Fire diamond is simply an extremely well reduced round stone – no additional facets, nopoint unique.

The tradenoted tagline is “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.” The agency additionally has a square stone that is basically a uniquely faceted radiant, but they’re really well known for their round rock – so this is what we will certainly emphasis on in this article.

You could be wondering – if it’s simply a consistent round diamond, what’s so one-of-a-kind around it? Well, to be fair, the reduced really is as great as a round diamond deserve to obtain. But so is the cut on many kind of other round fairtradeexpo.org, favor this stunning diamond from Blue Nile’s Astor Collection.

5) The Range of Cut Qualities

You see, even within the subset of fairtradeexpo.org that gets an “Excellent” reduced grade from GIA, tbelow is still a range of cut attributes. There is a better finish of Excellent and a reduced end of Excellent.

For most human being, the different between these 2 is bacount noticeable at all. But many kind of human being case to have the ability to watch the distinction easily and instantly. How sensitive you are to these things is varies from perkid to perkid. Hearts on Fire fairtradeexpo.org are only the best of the best in terms of reduced.

The Test

During a recent expedition to New York, I made a decision to check out for myself what the Hearts on Fire experience was choose. In New York City, Michael C Fina is the exclusive authorized dealer of Hearts on Fire.

I gotten in the keep on southeastern edge at the intersection of fifth Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan as if I were a male around to propose to his girlfrifinish.

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My goal was to buy a one carat Hearts on Fire diamond in the a lot of straightforward establishing I could uncover and also compare that via the best I can uncover online that would certainly not be a damage at all in regards to high quality.

The Product

As this is a testimonial of the Hearts on Fire product, I don’t want to dwell as well much on the buying experience at Michael C Fina.

I will certainly just say that it was pretty a lot as would certainly be expected buying an engagement ring at a higher-end guild independent jewelry save.

In truth, I will certainly even say that I was impressed via the salesperson’s expertise once she shelp that because Hearts on Fire were cut so “perfectly” that I didn’t have to go overboard on the diamond’s color and clarity.

Hearts on Fire jewelry is absolutely beautiful, but you run into the difficulty of selection. A keep will constantly be restricted in their setting choices compared to an virtual agency. Brian Gavin fairtradeexpo.org, for example, has actually over four hundred settings to select from. James Allen has actually also even more, and they have a fantastic “impetus tool” that helps you zero in on the perfect diamond/ring combo for you.

6) Cut Over Color and also Clarity

This is somepoint that I basically agree with – and not simply via super-appropriate cut fairtradeexpo.org. She might have simply as quickly pumelted me to an extra expensive diamond.

Now on to the diamond. I finished up purchasing a 1.02ct “G/H VS/SI” placed in a platinum band also without any type of side stones for $15,990 before sales taxes.

The complete was over $17,200 consisting of sales tax. If you’re thinking that it’s strange that I passist over $17,000 for a diamond, and they don’t even understand its shade or clarity, you’re in good firm.

7) Spilt Grades

These kinds of “break-up grades” are the kind of points you discover on IGI certificates of installed products at low-finish nationwide chain retailers. Not the sort of point you suppose to discover on a premium product.

They’re charging a rather hefty premium (even more on that later) for a pretty conventional product. I discover it fairly surprising that their fairtradeexpo.org aren’t even certified by any kind of third party objective resource, prefer GIA or AGS.

Tiffany & Co offers an in-residence certificate, however it appears to me that they take it a lot more seriously. Their grading is specific – no break-up qualities. And their grading was very conservative – ideal on targain in my opinion.

8) Why Does This Matter? 

You could be thinking, “What distinction does it make?” The answer is simple – the difference in price in between a G VS1 and also an H SI2 is huge (looking on James Allen best now, a 1ct round G VS1 is about $10,000 while a 1ct round H SI2 is around $6000).

The actual diamond that I purchased was beautiful and incredibly brilliant. I obtained what I meant. But I don’t think this was ever before the concern. The issue is worth.

Worth the premium?

To be fair to Hearts on Fire, we can’t simply find a consistent GIA Excellent cut grade (or AGS Ideal cut grade equivalent) to compare prices.

That wouldn’t be fair, bereason as I stated earlier, the super-appropriate Hearts & Arrows cut of the Hearts on Fire is a tiny subcollection of these reduced attributes.

So to achieve what I felt was a fair compariboy, I purchased a 1.02ct H SI1 AGS certified Triple Zero (assorted diamond imperiods like the idealscope views can bee seen at the diamond’s original page on BGD) from Brian Gavin fairtradeexpo.org (See a full Review of Brian Gavin fairtradeexpo.org here). Please don’t take our comparisons here as recommendations for what you have to buy (though that is a great looking diamond). We are just trying to uncover comparable fairtradeexpo.org so we compare apples to apples. If you are in search of help buying an engagement, call us and we will certainly make personal references for you.

9) The Comparison

I chose this diamond bereason I felt that an H SI1 was the closest approximation of the shade and clarity of the Hearts on Fire diamond. This diamond was component of their Signature Hearts & Arrows collection, hand-selected by Brian himself.

Brian is a family-trained 5th generation diamond cutter whose field of expertise in diamond reduced quality is sought after almost everywhere the people.

I took both the Hearts on Fire ring and also the loose diamond from BGD to the same photographer when I had both in my possession.

10) Equally Brilliant

SI quickly realized that I erred not having the diamond from BGD placed in a setting, so I improvised and also inserted the loose rock in a temporary spring-loaded establishing. This is why the prongs look more choose claws in the image above and to the ideal.

The two fairtradeexpo.org were basically identical. If the HOF diamond wasn’t collection in a ring, the two fairtradeexpo.org would have been a perfect enhance for one another. Both were equally brilliant.

11) Unequally Priced

The loose diamond from BGD expense $8,446 by crmodify card, or $8,193 if paid by wire deliver. Lets be generous and also assume the platinum setting accompanying the Hearts on Fire diamond cost $2000.

That leaves $13,990 for just the diamond prior to taxation, around $15,100 after taxes. You could think it isn’t fair to compare the after-tax price of the Hearts on Fire stone to the no-taxes price of the BG H&A diamond, yet I think it’s completely fair.

Hearts on Fire is not obtainable online – you need to buy it from a participating certified HOF dealer. That suggests that no matter wbelow you buy it, you will certainly certainly be paying sales tax. Until the legislation is changed, you will certainly just pay sales taxation on a purchase from Brian Gavin if you live in Texas.

12) Not Worth the Premium

It’s incredibly clear to me after this exercise that you obtain nothing paying the premium for a Hearts on Fire diamond over and above various other super-best Hearts & Arrows cut fairtradeexpo.org (like the Signature reduced from BGD).

The distinction in price is rather substantial – $15,100 from Hearts on Fire vs. $8,446 from BGD – virtually double. The product, yet, is similar.