Goodbye to my santa monica dream

When I initially heard the song Santa Monica Dream by Angus and also Julia Stone, I internalized it as a nostalgic and also relaxed song that reminded me of that beautiful feeling of being able to perform absolutely nopoint however relax on a warm summer day.

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However, as soon as I really provided the lyrics a listen, I began to understand also that this song is around loss and regret for a future that could have been.

Angus and also Julia Stone are a brother and also sister duo from Sydney, Australia. While they are not very famed in the USA, in Australia they have won a plethora of awards from the APRA (Australian Perdeveloping Right Association) and the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association). Their album, Down The Way, on which Santa Monica Dream was released in March of 2010, won Album of the year, Best Adult Alteraboriginal Album, Best Cover Art of the year, and also Best Producer of the year. The allude is that these musicians are incredibly great.

The actual music in Santa Monica Dream is fairly sporadic, being made up just of a solo acoustic guitar and also harmonized vocals in between Angus and Julia. What is truly special around this song is the timbre of the vocals. When I listen to this song it feels as though the vocals could crumble away at any minute. The means both Julia and also Angus sing is representational of vulnercapability. The finite reality of life is expressed in the raw simplicity of the vocals. The falsetto, the breathiness of the voice, and the purely authentic – almost childprefer – timbre of both vocalists all represent their vulnercapability and their regret for a future that they, (the couple being sung about,) think they might have had.

When you listen to the lyrics closely, the lines that are harmonized seem to recurrent the common feelings of both members of this finished connection.

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Specifically, the harmony in the chorus wbelow both singers sing, “I’m somewhere, you’re somewhere, I’m nowbelow, you’re nowbelow, You’re somewbelow, you’re somewhere, I can go there yet I don’t,” is a clear demonstration of the common feelings of loss and regret. Reading even further into the lyrics, the non-harmonized vocals can be internalized as eactivities particular to simply Julia. The lyrics, “I can speak to you on the telephone,” and, “You’re making love currently to the lady dvery own the road,” are sung only by Julia while the following lyrics, “No I don’t, I don’t want to know,” are sung by both Julia and Angus, representing the self-applied pain that is linked with making the tough choice and actively picking the loss of the Santa Monica Dream.

The sentiment of this song is effective in its universality. It represents emovements and sentiments that all of us deserve to relate to. In some methods, it represents the mentality that the grass is always greener on the other side; what we could have actually had is better than what we have actually currently. From a much less cynical point of see however, this song is painfully humale. It does not use the illusions produced by sophisticated production techniques or anypoint of that kind. It is a raw demonstration of emotionality connected with the tool of music. You can’t help however to put yourself in the singers’ shoes. You imagine yourself feeling just how they feel bereason it is a feeling many of us have actually had actually prior to, and also more importantly it is a feeling we all battle to cope through. Santa Monica Dream represents the concrete decisions each and eincredibly one of us makes throughout our lifetime, and also the fact that sometimes all you are left with is painful regret.