Thanks to all of the impressive and also talented writers that submit stories to the Summer Sci-Fi Wedgie Story Contest! I’ll be including all the subgoals to this page.Winners will certainly gain huge cash prizes! All subgoals are check out by a panel of judges who carry out detailed feedearlier as soon as the challenge is over. Spcheck out the word and acquire writing! For all the details on the dispute inspect out my original journal:The Submissions:Summer of Super Spirits and Super Wedgies by: satoshiakamineSummer Contest - High Strung Summer Days by: James-MizuharaAttack of the Wedgi-Eans (F/F)by: twedgieSummer Gap Pirates by: dancingtricksterBack to the Summer of the Swimsuit Super Wedgie! by: d0d0birdA Glitch in the System by: MagniPulls

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It’s Summer!To celebrate the commemoration of the wedgie fetish community’s day to celebrate itself, and also our atypical sexual interest, it’s time for another contest!SUMMER SCI-Fi WEDGIE STORY CONTEST
This is a contest with 2 layers. Your story hregarding be set throughout (or involve in some capacity) summer, yet you likewise have to include some aspect of scientific research fiction. And, of course, all submissions need to involve wedgies in some method.Robots, time travel, aliens in human disguises enjoying a expedition to what the earth-dwellers contact a ‘beach’ in the time of their ‘summer’. Anypoint that blends sci-fi and summer and also wedgies is acceptable as a entry.RULES:1. Stories must incorporate Summer, Sci-Fi and Wedgies in some method.2. NO personalities under the age of 18. Don’t sexualize minors.3. The story must be brand-new and created for this contest4. The story have the right to be any type of size. Tright here is no minimum or maximum limit.P