Subject Names: Tina, Alain, Brian, AlSubject Location: Hollywood, CaliforniaParanormal Experience: The gorganize of Peg EnwhistleTina, Alain, Brian, and also Al were all friends. Tina was the baby of the bunch. After a night at Dodger Stadium, they were trying to number out what to carry out rather of going home. Brian argued they go up and try to touch the Hollywood authorize, even though the location was off-borders. Alain had actually his comes to, as he was more "by the rules" than the others, yet they took off in the cars and headed dvery own Suncollection Boulevard. When they obtained to the fence bordering the authorize, they ignored the substantial "No Trespassing" authorize, jumped the fence and also headed up. The closer they obtained, the even more amazing the trip became. Reaching the Hollyhardwood authorize brought them a sense of euphoria. They"d gone ideal to somepoint they"d grown up seeing, also though it had actually required breaking the rules to get there. As it got cshed to midnight, they decided it was time to take Tina house. Brian led the way back down the hill. One misput foot later on, Brian was sliding down the hill, out of sight of his friends. The trio referred to as for him, still hearing the brush crackling as he slid. Brian did not answer. After lengthy, agonizing moments, Brian lastly started crawling back up and met up through his friends. That was enough for the team to realize the gravity of the situation. They headed ago dvery own the course to their cars. As they walked, Brian saw a person on the route coming towards them. It was a woman, wearing a dress similar to the style of the 1930s. She wore heels, and a veil over her challenge. She walked effortmuch less up the hill. Her footactions made no sound.

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Brian tried to stop to her, but she didn"t respond. She retained approaching them on the path. When they observed the woman"s confront, the foursome ran for their lives. The only believed in any kind of of their minds was to get out of there. Alain quit briefly when he heard Tina lose her footing, yet got her as soon as he observed the woguy standing behind his frifinish. They all got to the fence, obtained either over or with it, and also drove for their stays, the womale chasing them till they reached that fence. Nobody wanted to say it, but they all kbrand-new they"d just seen a ghold.

Alain heard the metropolitan legfinish of the "Lady in White", and researched it. He knew they had actually encountered the gorganize of Peg Entwhistle, who had actually committed suicide by jumping from the Hollylumber sign.

"The Good Skeleton"

Subject Names: Thomas Vuono, Yuma Vuono, Azha VuonoSubject Location: Yuba City, CaliforniaParanormal Experience: Haunted garage Thomas, Yuma, and their daughter Azha moved from New York City to Yuba City to escape the civilization and also pollution. Their just problem about their new house was its proximity to the nation highmeans, which didn"t really have actually a speed limit. The home was near great schools and in a nice area, so the tradeoff was worth it.Bo, the 3 year-old household dog, hardly ever barked. However, Bo preserved barking at the corner of the yard wbelow the garage sat. It was a warning bark as though someone were approaching, but tright here was nobody there. Thomas tried to neglect the barking, however Bo wouldn"t sheight. It made Thomas uncomfortable, in a creepy method. The barking tried both Thomas" and Yuma"s patience. Bo unexpectedly and also inexplicably quit barking. Thomas went out to search, finding the yard"s fence secured as expected, yet the dog was nowhere to be watched. A dog that commonly came charging as soon as dubbed had actually simply disshowed up.

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Thomas discovered Bo lying dead by the front yard, reportedly hit by a automobile. Thomas had not heard any type of screech of tires, however somepoint had obviously happened. Yuma and also Azha were heartdamaged. Yuma was also frightened. The dog could not have actually escaped from the fenced pen unless he"d been let out by someone.

The incredibly following afternoon, Yuma saw Azha having actually a complete conversation with something she couldn"t check out, something called Nick. Azha hadn"t played through an imaginary friend before.Thomas asked her that Nick was, and Azha started drawing. She drew a mutilated body. One day, while Thomas was doing his morning workout in the garage, Azha peeked in. He asked if she wanted to park on a stool while he worked out, and also she shyly shook her head no. Her eyes were the size of saucers. Thomas asked what was wrong. Azha sassist tbelow was a "bad skeleton" in the garage, pointing to one corner. She said the "poor skeleton" didn"t prefer them and was trying to hurt them. She wouldn"t go inside, because the point felt more powerful than her father. Late one night, Thomas was up reading while the various other slept. He assumed he had the home to himself. Then the creepiest sensation came over him, feeling as though a spiderinternet came throughout his neck. Touching the earlier of his neck, he discovered nopoint. As he began to relax aacquire, he felt a hand also going throughout his head. The hair on the back of his neck was standing on finish. Every instinct told him something negative was about to take place.Azha woke screaming, she was afraid for her life bereason of the "bad skeleton". No issue exactly how much she tried, her paleas would not think her. Azha cried eexceptionally night, inevitably resting via her parents. They hoped their daughter would certainly ultimately adjust to the brand-new house, and also this was simply the adjustment, but it simply obtained worse.One morning, Yuma woke with dirt on her feet that she can not explain. Thomas was puzzled. He didn"t desire to go to sleep for fear of what might occur.

Late one night, Thomas was encouraged something remained in the room. Grabbing a bat, he started checking the residence. As he"s moving, he hears the latch to the front door click open up. When he turns the edge, he sees Yuma standing tright here. Her eyes were open, but Yuma didn"t say anypoint. She simply tried to open up the door. Yuma can not remember exactly how she gained there, feeling as though she were in a trance. One night, it all came to a head. Yuma was resting, and heard a voice informing her to concerned the water. Across the highmethod from the residence was a treacherous river that she felt compelled to throw herself right into. It was a very intense feeling, and also Yuma had no control. It was as though somepoint had actually put her under a spell. She wasn"t afrassist, it felt safe. Thomas woke with a shock. Yuma wasn"t in the bed. He ran outside, down the highmethod, and uncovered his wife standing in the middle of the road. The sound of a large rig"s horn had reportedly awakened him. Somepoint had saved her from being hit by the truck. After that night, Azha walked right into the garage for the initially time, claiming Nick was there to protect them from the "bad skeleton". Azha dubbed Nick the "good skeleton". Azha felt that Nick was protecting her, that she can go almost everywhere. She thought the "good skeleton" had run the "poor skeleton" off. Everything flourished even more calm and earlier to normal.One day, Thomas and also Yuma"s neighbors told them of a neighbor they had actually years and years prior to. His name had actually been Nicholas, and he had actually been a motorcycle enthusiast. Nick had lived in their home. As he"d been coming house someday, Nick had actually rear-ended a tractor-trailer at the very spot where the dog had been hit by a car and also wbelow Yuma had actually been virtually run down while sleepwalking. Nick had actually passed away instantly. Yuma was came to about tright here being a soul haunting her daughter. Yuma asked her Vietnamese mommy to help via a ceremony to help Nick move on. Yuma hated the concept of Azha shedding a frifinish, however they had actually to assist Nick. The ceremony had actually functioned.

Azha respanned from losing Nick, and inevitably didn"t even see or feel his existence anymore.