Practice safe driving and solidify a discount on your GEICO insurance by completing an virtual defense driving course. GEICO rewards course takers through an insurance discount of 5-10% relying on your state and also periodically your age. Contact your GEICO representative at 1-800-207-7847 to check out just how a lot you have the right to conserve.

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Once you"ve identified your savings, you"re all set to REGISTER for the course and begin. In your protective driving course, you"ll learn exactly how to boost your driving abilities in hazardous cases such as negative weather, sudden lane crossings, and even more. Upon completion, you"ll be mailed an official completion certificate for your insurance provider so you can begin enjoying your savings!

Defensive Driving Coursefor a Geico Insurance Discount

Claim Your GEICO Defensive Driving Insurance Discount By Following the Steps Below:

Register for & successfully complete your Defensive Driving Course.Submit your Certificate to GEICO & gain your savings.

Does GEICO offer a discount for the defensive driving course?

Yes, in a lot of claims, GEICO offers a vehicle insurance discount if you and/or other family members members have actually completed an apverified protective driving course.

How Can I obtain a discount on GEICO Insurance?

GEICO uses many kind of methods to acquire a discount on your automobile insurance premium. One of the easiest methods to obtain a discount is by completing the virtual defensive driving course wright here apshowed. Other ways you deserve to get a discount on GEICO vehicle insurance include:

Install security and also security devicesCombine and consoliday your insurance policiesChoose better deductiblesRemajor accident-complimentary for five years (Safe Driver discount)

For a complete list of GEICO insurance discounts, visit their discount web page below.

How a lot is the GEICO protective driving discount?

The actual amount you will certainly save relies on your insurance policy through GEICO. Common savings readily available variety from 5% to 15% on the collision and also in-depth percent of your coverage. GEICO customers in Texas will get as much as a 10% discount.

Can I usage this course for an insurance discount if I DON"T have insurance through GEICO?

Yes. Many kind of other auto insurance suppliers sell discounts for completing an virtual Defensive Driving Course such as

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When will I watch my GEICO insurance discount after completing the defensive driving course?

Once you have completed the course, you will must submit your certificate of completion to GEICO. As quickly as the certificate has actually been got your insurance discount will be retroactively used based on your course completion date.

Is the course readily available online?

Yes, our defensive driving course is 100% digital. You can take the course from any kind of gadget you want including a computer system, tablet, or smartphone.

How does the protective driving course work?

The procedure is easy. Just sign up and also log into the course. You will must complete the allotted time (commonly 4-6 hours) based upon your states" requirements. The course deserve to be completed at your pace and you have the right to usage any kind of digital device to take the course.

Once you"ve completed our defensive driving course, you"ll obtain a certificate of completion to forward to GEICO.

Will I conserve more if other motorists on my GEICO insurance policy take the course?

Depfinishing on the age of the person taking the course, you might have the ability to get a second discount. It"s best to call your GEICO insurance agent to uncover out if anybody else on your insurance policy qualifies for a protective driver course discount. Many kind of households conserve numerous dollars by having each driver finish a defensive driving course. You can speak to GEICO in advancement to check out exactly how a lot you have the right to save!

What have to I perform if my insurance discount expires?

Your protective driver course discount will certainly last 3 years, in the majority of says. Check via your GEICO agent to check out how lengthy your discount will use in your state. When it expires, you have the right to retake the course and receive the discount again!

Will the defensive driving course aid through ticket dismissal?

This defensive driving course provides an insurance premium discount for GEICO customers. In some says, such as Texas, the protective driver course is also used for ticket dismissal.

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