Funny Skinny Dipping Stories

Many kind of of them occurred as soon as they were playing Truth or Dare. Combining this game with a pool or a lake often outcomes in losing clothing and also going swimming!

The Secret: No Hesitation

If you hesitate, it will certainly be awkward. To be successful through going for a naked swim with a group of boys and also girls, you need to be quick.

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Be courageous and present some balls (pun intended)! Then go have actually fun in the water via all your friends!

How To Convince Your Friends to Go Skinny Dipping

If your friends are not playing alengthy, there"s hardly any type of funny skinny dipping story to tell around after that, right?

So, it"s important that you convince everyone to go together with your concept...

You can constantly simply ask if your friends have done it. And that you only live once. And then just go for it, and see who adheres to.

(If you are the just one to go, you have the right to bet that you will certainly obtain pranked!)

Standard Prank to Pull When Swimming Without Clothes


Swimming roughly without clothes is all well and also excellent as lengthy as you are under water. But what happens if your clothing "dissappear" before you deserve to get ago into the home...?

Either right after the victim jumps into the water, or after you have actually had actually enough - go out of the water as fast as possible, and grab your clothing and also that of your victim!

Then run ameans and hide. :D

Water-Proof Video Camera is optional!

Skinny Dipping, Boyfriends and Jealousy

An regularly asked question is: 

"Is skinny dipping with someone else than your girlfriend/boyfriend taken into consideration cheating"?

Here"s my take on this. If your companion goes have fun with others naked, you need to be worried. But it doesn"t automatically mean they cheated on you.

Just invite them and also a few attractive friends to your following party and also perform a few naughty dares. Then check out how what is fair for your partner is fair for you!

Caught Skinny Dipping? Run and also Hide!

If you desire your swimming adendeavors to be also more excited, go somewbelow where you might acquire captured. Be mindful not to run right into serious trouble...

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When you obtain caught, then... run!

And have actually a blast doing so! Also have a good look at everyone as soon as you are out of the water. ;)

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